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wide open….

i don’t know about where you are, but it’s a gorgeous spring day here! i have every window thrown open and every heavy wood door as well. beautiful natural light is flooding my space and i love it! this day is wide open in so many ways! i don’t know what to do first… on photos, get creative, organize and declutter, plant flowers (this will probably win), take a walk, set up my front porch, set up the patio, pull up carpet, paint…..the possibilities are endless. i know i need to work, but since i never (literally) take a day off, i will pace myself. i started off the day at an estate sale. i know of the family who had the sale, so i’m more likely to buy things from people i’m familiar with. i got a darling full apron and a bag of yummy sewing trims. i hit a couple of garage sales on my way to the garden center (i found nothing), then i bought a pink peonie bush and a flat of vincas for my last open flower bed. my *go to* annuals are vincas. they are so hearty and i really like the pristine way the leaves grow. i’m not a gardener, but i sure appreciate pretty outdoor spaces…so i try.

last night i made a jicama and orange salad. i didn’t make the one that i linked yesterday. i found one that sounded more appealing on epicurious. i printed it out, but now the web addie isn’t working. i’ll just type it out:


jicama and orange salad

3 cups julienned jicama

8 oranges (sliced in half and then 1/4 slices)

1 small sweet onion (thin rings)

1/2 c feta cheese, crumbled

for the dressing:

1 clove garlic (pressed and smashed)

add a few tablespoons of olive oil (make sure it’s good quality)

the juice of half a lime

salt and pepper

mix the dressing together and then lightly toss over fruit/vegies.

this was my dinner last night. i thought it was great….really refreshing and interesting for the taste buds. the recipe called for cilantro, which would have been pretty, but my taster wouldn’t have liked it.

i bought a large bag of oranges and they are so good! pretty too-


you know i love my jars : )

okay, and as you probably know, i get on kicks sometimes. i was on a *change the world, get properly fitted with the right bra* kick, and now i’m on a *properly waxed and groomed brow* kick. i laughed out loud when i saw that oprah did a whole feature article on brows in her recent magazine! it makes a huge difference! i just had my brows done on monday and i seriously left the house with NO makeup this morning and didn’t feel terribly ugly! i just can’t say enough about properly groomed brows! and i don’t think there are many people who can do their own. i think it’s important to find someone who does brows well, and then stick with them. it’s an art. don’t laugh.

yesterday, i had a shoot with one of my favorite families.



will doesn’t stop moving often, so when i snapped this one, i think i may have whooped a little.



love this shot of the whole clan. it was a pleasure to meet grandma and uncle andy.





i don’t know how i got so lucky, but i have the best subjects! tom always says he doesn’t understand how i get such great subjects. he goes so far as to say, you’re only as good as your subjects. ouch. i know what he means….it’s true that i couldn’t take the photos i take without amazing people!

the decision is made, i’m heading out to plant flowers! have a great day and God bless!

tara pollard pakosta - YOu sure have had gorgeous subjects, but honestly, I think you could make a rock look beautifuL! LOL!!!
I have to try that salad except mine DEFINATELY would have cilantro!!! funny, I think that’s the ONLY thing I ever disagreed about with you in our friendship—-i LOVE LOVE LOVE CILANTRO!!!!!!!
hugs b!


paige - i’m so thrilled you’re with jbs now. her line is by far my most fave ever…totally love her style
signed-new well fitted bra owner and newly waxed brows girl!

Vicki - Great photos. Gorgeous! hope you are well!

Angela - Glad you got a peony bush – it’ll be so pretty! We used to have one growing up & my mama always used to bring in the pretty pink flowers (shake em off because black ants love em too).
The brows frame our lovely faces – good kick to be on!

Renae - Hey, I know her!! Great shots Becky!

Suezi Gurzi - i so agree with you andthe borw thing! It is an absolute MUST! I would add to this list a lip wax as well! 🙂

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