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that’s the word that best describes this past weekend! We were flying around all over the place, but it was all good. We celebrated 3 family birthdays, Jake’s first communion, took Addison’s 3 year photos, went to church and even hit an antique mall. I took over 1000 photos in 3 days! I think that’s more than I took over Christmas. The weather has just been divine, which definitely makes taking photos more appealing. I have a ton of family photos I want to share….it may take more than one post!

Today is Addison’s 3rd birthday-Happy Birthday Addie May!!! She is quite a character….SO smart…and very focused, we found out on Friday night.



Addison knew that she was going to finally get her ginormous lollipop when I took her 3 year photos…and until they gave her the pop, she was not going to participate in the shoot. She was completely focused on it. We eventually gave in and we had the most cooperative child you’ve ever seen!




Last week, I used a Pottery Barn gift card to purchase several new frames which I’ll be using to re-style our mantel. I have it all set up, just waiting for photos. The family photo above has already been ordered! I love it!


This family shot has already been ordered as well. I’m not very patient. When I love a photo, I want it up and on display in my house immediately!



This storyboard is called “no look”. I am obsessed with no look shots. So much fun!





I think Amber looks so beautiful in this shot! I think Addison’s 3 year photoshoot is my favorite to date of these three!

On Saturday, we were so proud of Jake on his first communion. He is such a sweet spirited little man. He looked beyond adorable with his long hair and suit. There aren’t many boys who I think truly look good with longer hair, but I think Jake is one of the few!



This shot is my new fave of Jake.


We also celebrated Molly’s 5th birthday. I’m looking forward to taking her 5 year photos tomorrow. We even arranged it so that Pop can meet us for lunch after we’re done.

We had dinner with Jared, Beth, Laura (Beth’s sister), Kathy & Bill (Beth’s parents) on Saturday night to celebrate J’s birthday. We ate at Charleston’s (one of our favorites!) and had a really great, relaxing time. I can’t believe my baby boy is 26. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, thoughtful son. I could go on and on and use every “time flies” cliche in the world, but I won’t : ) I just feel so incredibly blessed with the family I have. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. Oh and happy birthday again Jared!


I used to take lots and lots of photos of Jared. He was my “go to” practice subject…easily bribed. Now, it’s rare, but I have to admit, that I’m glad he married Beth and that she is a willing subject too.

I haven’t even shared Easter or our trainride photos yet. So this family picture post will be continued tomorrow.

One more thing for today. I have been chatting with a few people via email/facebook about the possibility of doing some location shoots this year. So, if there is enough interest, I hope to be photographing some seniors/families around the U.S. (by the way, I’m more than willing to do international shoots too!) For now, I have at least one family who are interested in the following areas:

  • St Louis MO area. One of my oldest and dearest friends lives in this area, so I would really love to have an excuse to visit Terri and her family!
  • Spokane Washington. This trip is already planned, so I will be here anyway! The tenative dates are June 4-7…but I would be willing to extend my trip…
  • Cape Cod. I really, really hope that this works out! I NEED to meet my longtime online friend Maureen!
  • Kearney Nebraska. I am hoping to make a weekend of it, shooting primarily High School Seniors. But, I would be happy to do family shoots, newborns, or even a wedding!

So if you are located in any of the above areas (or for that matter anywhere!) and you are interested in having me do a photoshoot of you and/or your loved ones, just email me at

Hey Leonie-are you sure you couldn’t find a few other families in your area? ha!

Have a great Monday and God bless!

jamie - i simply adore your photo editing! it’s just great!
if you are ever in colorado springs?
how i would LOVe to have you do a family shoot. i am pregnant with my fifth (and last i am thinking), and that would be so special.
anyway…i can dream!

Becca Sutton - It just occurred to me that Addie looks like my Kalli. A blonde Kalli. : ) I think it’s through the eyes.

Such eye candy.


emma - hey yuo should do a family shoot of us while your here! PLEASE!?

Crystal - If there’s anyone else who can hook up for a shoot in Alberta, Canada – I’m interested!! Lover your weekend pictures, B!!

Jen Pitta - Oh how I would love if you came to Cape Cod and I could convince hubby to cooperate! Please keep us posted if the Cape Cod trip comes true!

Angela - Wow! What a fun opportunity for you! Your family is beautiful and you are truly blessed. But you already know that!
I was holding my breath hoping for an announcement of classes someday again. 🙂

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