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weekend highlights…

the weekend actually started on Friday. It really was one of the best weekends in a long time!

  • Estate Dispersal and lunch at Gringos with Kelly.
  • Dinner at Donna and Jamie’s and a movie (Old Dogs)….we laughed a lot, just what I needed.
  • My Mom’s annual Christmas coffee, spending time with family and a few friends.
  • An afternoon and evening snowed in.
  • Sarah Richardson’s Christmas special. I adore her style and enjoyed every minute of her approach to the holidays. I love that there is not a commercial Christmas decoration in sight…every single thing was either organic or classic and simple. Exactly how I approach the holidays. PLUS, Tommy, her sidekick is stinkin’ hilarious. I laughed out loud several times. I plan to use a couple of her ideas.
  • Sunday morning church and handing out Christmas cards. For some reason, lots of us hand out our cards at church, rather than mailing them. I think it started a long time ago when we had little mailboxes at church? Those are gone, but we still tend to hand out cards.
  • Jared & Beth’s official tummy shots. They are soooo beautiful…if I do say so myself : )
  • The Star of Bethlehem program at Midland University’s planetarium, given by our good friend, Greg aka Dr Clements. He does such a great job. We took our 3 oldest grandsons and they sat mesmerized as they watched and listened. Payton even asked a question about Jupiter, that I’ll admit, was over my head.
  • Spending time with 3 of our grandsons. Heavenly. After the program, we ran a couple of errands and then came home for a while and let them hang out, play and watch football with Pop. On the way to Omaha to take Jake home, they talked about poop and laughed and laughed. I loved every minute. It was a little sad to realize that all 3 of them are too big for carseats or even boosters. They’re such big boys now.

It was a simple weekend, with no huge agendas. Love that. I’m thinking from now until Christmas, the time will be filled with all the typical holiday busy-ness…but that’s what I love, so it’s a good thing! I’m sure we’ll have quiet nights by the fire too….and maybe even a snowy night in the hot tub. We had no idea when we bought this house, how much we would enjoy the hot tub.

I have one more holiday photo session to share some peeks of. I took DeDe’s boys photos recently and that spurred her youngest sister Susie on to call for photos. It was fun to see Susie with her family. Such cute boys!

img_3478-web He is going to melt some hearts….

img_3484-web He will too.








img_3588-cos-web I always love a family photo like this…a family that is comfortable all snuggled up.




img_3631-web Such a beautiful mom. This is a prime example of why I’m constantly reminding all of you ladies to be IN the photos, not just taking the photos. I adore this photo. It represents what I think we need to make sure we capture.

So, with this being the last official holiday session…and senior sessions are wrapped up as well…I have lots of my own family photos that I haven’t shared, lots of updated house photos, plus I have been jotting down “missed gems” which are photos that I may have missed when selecting favorites to share peeks of. So if you’ve had a photo session with me this fall, you may be featured.

To each of you, who have had me take your senior photos or a holiday session, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You make it possible for me to do what I love and I love you for that!

Have a great Monday and God bless!

Hillary - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!! These boys have gotten so big… 🙂

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