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turning the page…

 i’m feeling really refreshed today. about a month ago, i went through something that was truly traumatic….and i don’t think that is too dramatic a description. i won’t be sharing exactly what happened, in order to protect my loved ones, but trust me, it was something i never thought i would go through. reading back through my postings, it’s apparent to me, that something happened. in fact, i have had several people contact me and ask if i’m okay. yes, i’m okay, and i think i’m ready to turn the page and start afresh. i have always emphasized that i want to be real and transparent here, i just hadn’t considered that i wouldn’t always be able to share specifics because of my loved ones privacy. i am so connected to the people i love that of course it affects me deeply when something is going on in their lives. fortunately, even though it’s not completely resolved, everyone is okay and we’ve learned a lot. so many cliches are going through my head, but i’ll spare you!last week, i focused on work. i spent much time editing and getting things caught up the first part of the week, then spent thursday *doing for others* and friday was a day dedicated to time with mom. we had a great time, by the way. we had lunch, we went to see jared and beth’s apartment, and we shopped….oh and we drank coffee : ) mom loves good coffee. if you haven’t spent time alone with your mom lately, just do it. friday night, tom and i went to lincoln to have dinner with kirby, amber and addison, to celebrate amber’s birthday. we had a great time with them and even found a cool vintage truck that we may be test-driving this week! saturday morning i got up early and headed to the venice flea market. i met up with glue and kelly at the flea, then after checking things out, we met becca for a much needed diet coke and breakfast. then we went back to the flea. i can’t believe that i didn’t buy one single thing! not even a yardstick! crazy! tom went on a poker run while i was junking, so i came home to a quiet house. i spent some time scrapbooking (which felt great!) and putzing around the house tidying. we had a yummy grilled dinner and sat in the hot tub at the end of the day (while our neighbor kids turned on the spotlights and put up a tent….at midnight). nice. yesterday we spent most of the day at church. we’re continuing to do a sunday night study that is basically about overcoming negative history within the church. it’s been eye-opening to say the least. one big thing is just recognizing that no church is perfect…sort of like there’s no perfect family. resolving conflicts that arise, keeping focused on what’s really important (the Lord), and just dealing with reality. i think it’s been helpful both corporately and personally.

this week i plan to continue with my focus on work, but i also plan to take care of some personal stuff. today i have a hair appointment, tomorrow -a pedicure and thursday -an orthodontist appointment (which will hopefully be one of my last?)! i also plan to continue making time for creativity. i’m so much happier when i’m making stuff. tomorrow i’ll be able to share a secret that i’ve had for a few months now! i can’t wait!

after our mother’s day celebration last sunday, i met up with this family to do the whole extended family. i took a TON of photos! i think we got some fun shots of all the different dynamics-









the weather ended up cooperating enough for us to take some shots outside, which i was really thankful for!

when i posted the wedding photos from jeff and dori’s wedding day, i inadvertently left a shot out that i really wanted to post. this cute couple were engaged the week before the wedding…and when i saw his eyes, i couldn’t believe how blue they are!


super cuties, right?

i hope you have a great monday! God bless!

Amber Ellis - I love the pictures! I hope life gets better for you soon. Sometimes you just have to let go and let God!

Brenda Goldberg Partusch - Those family pictures awe awesome Becky! You are just an awesome photographer, you can catch the mood!! Remember, my thoughts and prayers are still with you and your family!!

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