thoughts and goals for 2015. {beckynovacekphotography}

Oh wow. Here we go.

Another new year.

A year full of possibility.

 I adore New Year’s Day. It’s so hopeful.  I stayed in my jammies all day, edited, decluttered, organized and cleaned, and took a nap. Just getting my house in order makes me feel so good!

So here are a few of my thoughts about 2015:

About 4 years ago, I made a very specific list of goals for the year. 

I became a runner, a disciplined water drinker, and gave up diet pop (which was a major addiction for me),

Every year since that year, I have made a few goals/resolutions and I’ve actually accomplished them for the most part.

I think that year- 4 years ago was really significant for me, because I discovered that I could do hard things, not because I had to, but because I wanted to and knew it would improve my life.

AND my life did improve.

Last year, I made one goal that I reached for the most part.

I resolved to memorize scripture.

Granted I did not memorize a lot, but I did memorize Psalm 1 well, and several other verses.

I could make excuses for why I didn’t do more, but to be honest, I’m pretty happy that I did what I did.

This year, I don’t really have any solid goals yet. 

I do know that I want to continue on the path I’m on and continue to serve, work and live to the best of my ability.

My phrase recently has been: I want to serve with excellence.

That’s primarily a spiritual goal, but I do want to apply it in practical, simple ways too. 

I plan to travel a little and would love to return to Africa.

I want to be as involved in our family’s lives as I can be and as they want me to be.

I’m still working on my business goals.

To be honest, I have been so busy with my business up until right now, that I haven’t taken the time to think and write down my 2015 business goals.

I do have many ideas in mind, but I need to put it together into something solid.

I’m excited about 2015. Very hopeful.

On a lighter note, I am doing the 40/40 challenge.

But maybe it’s not on a lighter note.

Maybe there is more power and impact in this simple act than we realize.

Simplifying is a big deal.

Letting go. 

I started a private 40/40 page on FB for a group of us.

It’s basically for encouragement and ideas. 

My friend Pam shared this from Becoming a Minimalist’s FB page:


I do agree with this for the most part.

I do know of a friend who took this too far and actually had a few regrets because she embraced it a little too much and ended up not having things she actually needed.

I do not worry about going to far with this myself.

I’m struggling with letting go of my grown children’s keepsakes. 

One box each should be enough…right?

I hope with this new year, you are feeling hopeful and seeing opportunities to improve your life.

God bless you in 2015. 






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