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the attitude of Christmas…

I’ve gotten really introspective about Christmas this year. As I’ve been analyzing and pondering, I’m asking myself a few questions:

  • Am I truly in the spirit of this blessed season?
  • Am I thinking of others and how my decisions will affect them?
  • Am I generous, without expecting anything/much in return?
  • Am I willing to sacrifice to make the holiday less stressful for others?
  • Am I focused on the reason we celebrate this Holy season?
  • We all have expectations for the holidays. I’m asking myself if my expectations are too high?
  • I’m also thinking about the balance of spoiling my family rotten with- are the gifts even and fair?
  • I’m trying to make sure that I am thinking far enough ahead without obsessing about the food and timing of everything…am I focused on the right things?
  • Am I so focused on the children, that I’m treating Tom less than awesome?

The last point brings something to mind that I think about and have concerns for. Brooke and I had an interesting conversation about this recently. We were talking about the children participating in the children’s service at church. Brooke mentioned that many people were choosing not to participate. I understand that we have to make choices in life and that we can’t do everything…but my concern is that as time goes by, there are things that were once considered sacred, that just don’t seem to be anymore. Everything is negotiable. I was telling Brooke that I thought it was awesome that the kids were going to be in the program and how much that means to others. Having grown children does a lot for perspective. When my children were young, I didn’t realize how much their little church programs meant to older people who don’t have little ones anymore. There is something so magical about children and a Christmas program. Choosing to not participate does affect other people. I’m not scolding, I just think it’s good to let young families know that “sharing” their children with the church does matter. I’m sad when I see young parents so focused on making Christmas all about their children, that they fail to teach about giving,sacrifice and unselfishness. With our natural tendency toward being narcissistic, I think it’s something we really have to teach. I know that I was tempted to focus entirely on my children when they were young. They are so precious and sweet and we want to shower them with everything that the world has to offer….but is that really what we want them to think it’s about? We’re basically teaching them that the world revolves around them. I ADORE my grandchildren and my world does sort of revolve around them…but I hope that I am teaching them that loving and caring about others is important. I know I mention it all the time, but I believe it’s a good thing with all of my heart….praying and talking to children about being a blessing to others. I pray this every day for myself. That I will be a blessing to everyone who I cross paths with throughout my day. Call me Pollyanna. I know I can’t be a blessing through striving…I have to have God’s help. That’s why I pray about it. Not by my power, but His. So if I have a bad attitude or handle things poorly (which I will from time to time), please forgive me and know that I’m asking for help with this!

I don’t really know why I get so philosophical during the holidays, but I do. I think I am just really, really thinking about my relationships and what really matters. Bear with me…tomorrow, I’ll probably be writing about a recipe or decorating or crafting!

Yesterday, I had the honor of photographing brand new baby girl Evie. I took the photos in their home, which can be a little bit of a challenge, walking into unknown natural light, etc…but not so in this case! Their house has amazing natural light! I loved it! And Evie was so cooperative and sweet. I think I’m going to see if she can talk to our new grandson when he’s born and tell him how it’s done! She was a delight! (I’m sure our newest will be too…how could he not be!)


img_3910-web 10 days old and she looks like she’s posing!


img_3919-web LOVE.

img_3947-web Precious!!!







img_4061-web Melts me!


img_4157-web img_4182-web Love this one so much! Remember Lion King? That’s the inspo on this one!

Have a great evening and God bless!

Keshet - Introspection is a good thing, I love reading posts like this. And what a cutie–love her name, too!

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