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studio tour….

a little one anyway. if i could talk tom into it, i would do home improvement projects every week! i guess it would be pretty hard on the budget, but i seriously love the process. when we finally decided it was time to redo my studio floor (my craft/scrapbooking studio) which is actually just an upstairs bedroom, we had to clear it out. i was ecstatic! such a fresh start for a room when you can completely clear a room and then put it back together. since i have gotten rid of so much stuff, i thought that it would be really streamlined….but that’s not really how it turned out. it seems that even though i purged a ton, i still have a ton left! but it does feel good to know that i have gone through every little bit of it and i couldn’t part with the things that are left. the plan was to replace the carpet with a rustic wood floor. the look i was after was a sort of old front porch floor. i called around and got bids on whitewashed wood floors and decided that $2000 was too much for my little ol’ studio….so tom came up with the idea to lay decking for my floor. we knew it was very experimental, but since the room is used as a studio, we figured it was a good place for an experiment…plus it was cheap! the carpet was trashed, so it couldn’t haveΒ been much worse-



The Girl Next Door release

while everything was cleared out of the room, i tried to talk tom into taking the popcorn ceiling down, but he just gave me a look. so we still have the lovely ceiling.

in the meantime, there was quite a mess in our bedroom-


the mess spread to our guest room-

The Laramie Project movie


our plan was to get the paint for the floor tuesday and have the room back together by today. however, as with most home improvement projects, there are always unexpected issues that seem to arise. we went to the paint store and as we were talking with the store manager, we discovered that the wood we used needs to cure for 6 months before it can be painted. the looks on our faces must have been awful! tom felt terrible about it, like he had let me down. but after the initial shock, i adjusted and i’m good with it. it’s a good excuse to clear the room again in 6 months and maybe even take the ugly ceiling down! here’s how it looks now. i still need to get rid of a bit of ugly plastic and just get rid of more stuffs in general : )


the photo below is what i see when i’m sitting at my desk and turn around.




it’s imperfect to be sure, but it’s still delightful to me. i have some of my favorite things in this room and i just adore the time i spend there!

today, donna and i are planning to do some painting at the loft. the bedroom is so dingy and needs paint so bad. i think it will make a world of difference. little by little, it’s getting there! patience was never one of my virtues, but with age, i seem to be getting a little better.

today is my dad’s birthday! happy birthday dad!


another little man in my life was quite a poser on memorial day. brooke sat him in the grass for one of the first times and he reacted much like harper did….not sure if he was okay with it or not, but he adjusted to it much more quickly than she did-


i am smitten with this boy.

here are a couple of quotes that i like and that seem to be my *home decorating* mantra:

“do what seems right for you. we find that when we express ourselves honestly and intimately we can feel confident in our choices”. alexandra stoddard

“be authentic. try to express yourself honestly in what you do. if we make choices based on what other people may think, we will be disappointed in life, because it won’t be ours to live”. a.s.

“be responsible for the way your home looks and feels”. a.s.

“my business is to preach to you the beauty of suitability”. elsie de wolfe

“much of the character of everyman may be read in his house”. john ruskin

    “be as geniune as you can so that your possessions will move with you wherever your life brings you”. a.s. i agree wholeheartedly!

    “be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style”. billy baldwin

    you know how i love my quotes!

    it’s beautiful here, so i plan to get as much outside time as possible today! or at least to throw open the windows and enjoy the fresh air! God bless your day!

Barb - What a great place to create. I had to chuckle when you said Tom gave you “a look” about taking down the popcorn ceiling. I am familiar with that look. My husband has perfected it. πŸ™‚

emma - i want to jump into the screen and start creating in your studio… everything in there is to die for!!!

love the picture of grey and uncle carl… πŸ™‚

enjoy your day…

tara pollard pakosta - I love the flooring! and that piece is so cooL!
I thought about the flooring as soon as you said decking, i knew it had to have something happen to it first UGH!>>>>>>!
anyway, it still looks fabulous!!!
enjoy the room while you wait!! it’s awesome!
I can’t believe how biG baby g is and how much he looks like payton wow!

tara pollard pakosta - Happy Birthday to your sweetheart of a dad too!

Auntie Jaynee - Grey is such a dolly! It will be great to see everyone soon! Emma has the countdown on her blog. I think it’s 32 days till they come. Love you.

lisa truesdell - oh my holy heck.. i thought that piece was lovely, but i didn’t realize there were DRAWERS. swoon. i need to come visit so i can admire it in person!!! loving the floors, too!! perhaps i can talk the boys into a pancake date w/ you soon. =)

happy birthday to your dad!

Amber - Your studio is amazing! I would want to spend every minute of the day there. =) Thanks for sharing and I love the idea of a deck for the floor.

kim - love the tour & the room!! how fun!! πŸ™‚ we just removed the same ceiling (I assume its the same-1972 texture here) & all we did was spray it w/water, let it sit & scrape gently so not to damage the sheetrock under/over it πŸ™‚ much easier than many think. Good luck!!

Leonie -Australia - What a wonderful space to create in Becky.

maureen - Hello my friend!
How are you? I have missed visiting your blog. I feel slightly caught up now. As always, your photos are beautiful!
I hope you are doing well. I think about you so often…and still appreciate your amazing faith. I thank you for that. It’s nice to have somebody I respect so much be so faithful.
ANyway…I really just wanted to say hi πŸ™‚

Vicki Chrisman - Oh.. I’m loving the new look of your room! I know you.. it will be totally adorable before your totally finish. Can I come play? lol

Renae - Wow, Tom and Ryan must have been separated at birth…”the look” is one I get on too many occasions! The floor will be fantastic and just in time for doing Christmas crafts right? Good job to both of you…and happy birthday to your dad! He’s adorable!

kl - oh that green piece is new & fabulous!!
i so want to be there with you again
and love seeing the peeks!!!

Lisa N - I love your studio, it’s beautiful. I would love to have such an inspirational place to create. Can’t wait to see what the floor will look like πŸ™‚

betsy sammarco - Wow! I am LOOOOOVING the look of your studio. The furniture pieces are perfectly wonderful. Such a funny story about painting the floor!

kristin young - becky—love the new studio!!!! looks so cozy! i even like the floor how it is now. can’t wait to see it painted.

Ginny - Becky, love your scraproom. I feel where you work is so important. My husband & I bought a home in Savannah, GA last year. We live in Indiana & this will our retirement home. The house was in an estate & beautifully decorated. The family offered it to us furnished. It seemed perfect, we could vacation & spend the winters until my husband retires & not have to buy anything to furnish it. But it’s not me, everytime we go down, I take somethings with us. Slowly, it’s beginning to feel like home. I know when we move permanently, I’m getting rid of a lot of beautiful pieces & bringing my “stuff”. It won’t be perfect & elegant, but it will be Me.

Brenda Goldberg Partusch - Hey Becky…you got lots of stuff!! But I absolutely love those old cabinets that you have!! You really didn’t get a picture of your floor! I would love to see those planks!
PS….Happy Birthday to your dad!!

Barb R - Hi Becky – Our dads’ birthdays are on the same day… My dad was the greatest man in the world and not just in the eyes of his daughter. He was big and scary looking (he sure frightened a few teenage boys away from me!) and was the kindest, most gentle man in the world. He could handle newborn babies like he was born to do it and he could get any spot out of any piece of laundry (it was amazing!). So everyone, love your dads and spend all the time you can with them because I miss mine everyday.

Stacey - Your studio is beautiful – what a great idea for flooring! Thanks for sharing! I need to get my studio to just as I want it too – hubby and I have been talking….we’ll see…Have a great week!!!

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