stitch fix review #8 and a silly *b* list

So, a couple of months ago, I posted an image to IG about stopping my Stitch Fix subscription. I took a month or two off and then restarted, and when I restarted I did not get my beloved stylist Catherine back. I really wasn’t wowed by the boxes I received for two or three months. So after the two or three months, I sent feedback when I checked out about missing Catherine. Guess what? I have Catherine back! and I loved everything in my box this month…even though I’m not keeping everything. When I opened my box yesterday, I immediately loved the look of every single item and here’s the thing, she didn’t just pick safe styles. She pushes me without sending ridiculously “out of my comfort zone” items. So I’m back to loving Stitch Fix! I think it’s really key to get a stylist who is a good fit. If you don’t, your experience is not going to be good. 

Since it’s Tuesday, I’m going to give you a little Stitch Fix *b list.

*give lots of feedback. When you receive your box and you’re trying things on, try to evaluate how you would explain what is right and wrong with what you received. I know the flaws in my figure and I’m decent at figuring out what styles I can and can’t wear. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be openminded, but I should try to communicate what I know about what is flattering.  Also, be specific if you are looking for an item to add to your wardrobe. 

*start a pinterest board about your style. Sometimes I know what I want, but can’t find it. I may find it online, but maybe it’s sold out or no longer available. Ideal time to pin it, so that my stylist can see what I like. She’s going to have more time and resources to find items I like. I’m sure that fashion stylists are really aware of what is available and where to find it and what brands are known for certain styles. Anything that we’re passionate about, we become strong observers and study that subject. I like fashion, but it’s not my passion. So I’m trusting my stylist to help. I also don’t really enjoy clothing shopping, so I rarely even look anymore. I like to look at my JCrew and Anthropologie catalogs for fashion ideas. I just don’t necessarily want to go in the stores to look for things to wear. I do love to shop for vintage furniture and accessories, so I’m not a total shopping failure! I can shop a vintage market like no other!

*take selfies. Who in the world recommends taking selfies? I do. I can see right away when I see myself in outfits whether I like them and whether the look will work or not. Well, usually. Sometimes I have to send my selfies to a friend or two. 

*share. Something that I’ve found makes Stitch Fix way more fun is to share the experience with a friend or two. When Suzy and I were on the same Fix schedule, we would get together and try things on and critique. It was always a good for a laugh at least! Sometimes we traded clothing from our Fixes. 

*consider the pros and cons. I’ve heard people talking and writing about their experiences with Stitch Fix and I have to say that my perspective may be a little different. I am thrilled if there is one thing that I love and keep. It saves me a trip to the mall and I almost always end up with something I wouldn’t find locally. Or at least not without a huge effort. So for me, my Fix is golden if I only keep one item. I’m not looking to add 5 new items a month anyway. It is nice to save the 25%, but I don’t know if I’ve ever gone on a shopping spree and found 5 large ticket items in one trip? I may buy 5 tanks at Old Navy : ) 

So here is my pathetic iPhone timer selfie collage…


Sidenote, I think it’s funny that you can almost tell by my expression what I’m keeping. 

Photo on far left: Gilli Giana Multi Chevron Maxi Skirt. $68 I loved it in the box. The fabric is like butter! So soft and comfy. However, it wasn’t flattering on me. I’m sad, because I love it and I think the price is fair. I texted Donna and said she needs to try it on. I think it would by perfect on her! I won’t keep it for me, but maybe Donna will? Or if any of my friends/acquaintances wants to try it on, let me know! The size is medium.

Photo second from left: Pomelo Dido Mixed Print Knit Top and Kensie Sophia Distressed Skinny Jean. $58 and $88. When I took this top out of the box, I liked it so much, but didn’t think it would work for me at all. Thought it would look like a maternity top! Maybe it does, but I like it! I’m keeping it! The jeans are my favorite current brand. I have purchased every pair of kenzie jeans that they’ve sent. I wasn’t sure about the distressing at my age…but I am who I am and I’m not one to go by rules. After all, my fashion hero is Lauren Hutton…and she pulls off some styles that most people her age wouldn’t, without ever looking inappropriate. 

Photo second from right: 41Hawthorne Flynn Colorblock Sleeveless Blouse. $58 So, so pretty! I wanted to keep it bad. But look at it, it’s just not right for me. Boo! Anyone want to try it on? I think it would be stunning on the right figure.

Photo far right: Tart Eames Geo Print Gathered Waist Knit Shirt. $64 I want it just because it’s Eames! Not flattering on me at all though. I’ve never looked good in this kind of neckline, plus the elastic at the waist doesn’t hit my nonexistent waist. I am straight up and down, other than my chest. My waist and hips are almost the same measurement. I am not the typical curvy. I think it’s an asset and a curse, depending on what I wear! 

So all is right with Stitch Fix and me! If you would like to sign up, I would love it if you would use my referral link! I don’t get paid for reviewing or blogging about Stitch Fix, but I do get a $25 credit if you sign up via my link!

Stitch Fix referral link


God bless you today and always!



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July 15, 2014 - 9:15 pm

Megan Caul - Those jeans are amazing on you Becky!

July 15, 2014 - 10:29 pm

admin - thanks Megan!

August 29, 2015 - 8:33 pm

Kari - I also am a straight line except I don’t even have tatas to break the line. From what I have discovered via a ton of fashion research, it is actually one of the most difficult body shapes to dress properly. I agree with Megan, those jeans are perfect for you.

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