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You may or may not have noticed that I have been consistently using the same new watermark and that my logo is the camera at the top left of my blog and throughout my web pages. Also, I updated my splash page-{beckynovacekphotography} I will continue to be updating images throughout the website, including the header that plays here. Feels good to make changes and get things updated! I seem to choose to make changes in the midst of the busiest times…no idea why that happens. While Emma was here working on her website, I found myself wanting to work on mine. Emma and I were talking on the last night she was here about this: when you spend time with another person who is passionate about what you’re passionate about, it can’t help but inspire. It doesn’t matter that she is just starting out with her business, or that she’s much younger than I am…I still found it inspiring. Her enthusiasm and passion stirred up my enthusiasm. So awesome how that works!

Although we didn’t do photo shoots of each other, we did do a wedding and several other sessions. I did have Tom snap a few photos of us before church-

Leah spent the night Saturday night…which was lovely.

My sidekick. Love this girl! Even if she does want my job : )

These two are buds.

Em, Donna and I all worked together at Steve and Jill’s wedding almost two weeks ago. This summer I think it only rained during the daytime hours 3 times…all 3 times were on Saturdays that I was photographing a wedding. However, all 3 Saturdays eventually cleared off and we were able to do photos outside on location. Thank you God!

The morning of Steve and Jill’s wedding it didn’t just rain, it poured! I went to get Ruth’s (the bride’s mom) car and pulled it up and in the quick sprint to my car I got soaked! But Jill stayed positive and didn’t stress about the weather, so that was impressive. The day worked out just fine!

The garden is stunning right now!

One of my favorites!!! Sisters.

Another fave.

Good peeps.

Good friends of the bride’s family. They were so helpful and sweet.


Jill’s family absolutely transformed the city auditorium! It was magical!

God bless!


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