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something is stirring…

i can feel it. i want to empty every room in my house and start afresh. i want to make art. i want to take pics in a different and more fresh way than ever before. i want to really live my faith in an exciting way. i’m enjoying cooking again, so i want to make fresh good food. i want to entertain outdoors. i want to read voraciously. i want to approach everything with enthusiasm and energy. that’s a lot of *i*s! so hopefully i will move forward with this freshness.

we have been eating some simple, but good food lately. this week, i made parmesan chicken (a favorite that i’ve shared many times) and my standard roasted herbed potatoes(this time i used yukon gold potatoes, vidalia onions, rosemary (that i grew in the backyard!) a little robusto cheese and a drizzle of olive oil), big green salad with tons of fresh produce and sliced boiled eggs, plus, i’ve tried to keep fresh, ready to grab vegies and fruits in the frig (celery, watermelon, berries, etc). tonight, i plan to make an orange and jicama salad minus the cilantro….i’m so not a cilantro fan. i can’t wait to have fresh garden tomatoes so that i can make garlic tomato, basil pasta. mmmm. i just need to plant my dill and my herb garden will be complete.

i’m loving having fresh cut flowers in the house. i splurged on peonies at whole foods yesterday. i wish i had a peony bush. if someone twisted my arm and forced me to choose a favorite flower, i think peonies in pink or white would win. love them. i need to plant one in the backyard. i know the season is very brief, but oh how i would enjoy having my own.


i don’t underestimate the value of having beautiful, simple things around me. i bought a simple little book yesterday at anthropologie called, “small graces” that pretty much confirms my thoughts on this. i do find such pleasure and contentment in simple things. so speaking of anthropologie, brooke and the 4 kiddos and i went to lunch and shopping (mainly grocery) together yesterday. we had the best time! i love days like that. i know that days like yesterday are the things that lifelong memories are made of. even with my help, brooke hardly got to eat, so when harper finished eating, i took her across the way with me to anthro. she sat in the chair, climbed into bed, touched as much as i would let her and started calling me, “pinkie pie”.  i had on a pink shirt. she loves pink….and so do i. oh and as a sidenote: anthro has some killer sales right now! i bought a super cute summery, ruffly top too!


 pie* too. may-21-09-010-web

that book just happened to be on the bed that she climbed on.

i haven’t had a chance to share some of the images i took on mother’s day….there are lots more, i just haven’t gotten them edited.


payton. love the look on his face.


love this shot of j! i don’t get to see him play anymore, and i miss it!




pop is the master sliver remover of the family. the grand poobah of sliver removal. he’s the grand poobah of a lot of things in our family : )

and someday i need to do a post about g and his wittiness. the child is brilliantly witty. sometimes many times, he says things and i have to literally stop and think about what he just said. i really should do a scrapbook layout of g’s wit.


this is the photo i used for the jenni bowlin

 layout that was posted on the jbs blog earlier this week. oh and yesterday i came home to a box packed with jbs goodness! yumm-E!!!! can’t wait to make stuff!

i have some photos of mom, my sister and i, but they need some editing! i’ll share them eventually.

k, this morning is slipping by and i need to use my energy around this cluttery house o’ mine. have a wonderful day. God bless!

er - shrek needs to work on a “daners sliver”. he will not let anyone touch it. in fact it’ll probably be there when we get to ne!!
happy-sunny day to you!

erin - hi becky,
happy wed:)
you are seriously magic behind that lens!

patti - love your eagerness and business. i hope it rubs off on me via the blogwaves! peonies are my fav flowers. i carried them as my wedding bouquet just gathered and tied with ribbon. love them!

lisa truesdell - thanks for the anthro sale tip – i am making a hair appt at the garbo’s at regency for this weekend, i’ll have to sneak over. =)

Melanie - I just wanted to say WOW! I love all your work! This is definitely one of my first stops on my blogroll of faves! Thank you so much for all the inspiration!

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