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so much to share…

but I’ve been so continuously busy, that I’ve neglected the blog a little. We had our Christmas party Saturday night and it was a great time. The atmosphere was relaxing and quietly festive, with candlelight and good, yet simple food and great company. I didn’t stress once the whole day. But I am very disappointed with myself. I didn’t take any photos to document the night. Sad. Today, as I was thinking about it, I realized that I’ve gotten really bad about not getting my camera out at home. That is a huge mistake. I’m missing opportunities with my own family and friends. I have to be mindful about this… I am just so frustrated with myself.

Yesterday, we had a lovely choir presentation at church. Karen, our youth Pastor’s wife, directed the choir and they sounded SO good! Last night, we went to Payton, Griffin and Harper’s children’s Christmas service at Trinity. It was adorable! Harper’s Sunday School class was first up and she was front and center. At the end of their song, everyone clapped and Harper took a bow! She is such a character…so much charisma. This afternoon, I’ll be going to her preschool Christmas program and I’m sure that will be entertaining as well. I WILL take my camera! I don’t want to be kicking myself when it’s over that I didn’t bother to bring my camera. I

Last night, I realized that I haven’t shared photos of our house since we finished painting and in fact, I haven’t even taken any photos of it yet! I did snap a few shots of some of my favorite Christmas vignettes around the house.

img_3854-web I’ve been collecting the little plastic reindeer for a while and this year I wasn’t sure how I wanted to display them…I ended up lining them up to get them off the dining room table and I liked how it looked, so they stayed there.

img_3852-web I did take a photo of the table, complete with crumbs AFTER the party.

img_3846-web Wackadoo focus, but I like it anyway. I was shooting wide open, since it was so gloomy yesterday. Today the sun is shining….I need to photograph something today.

Last night, after the program at church, Tom and I went on our annual Christmas light drive. If you are local, you must drive out to Rosedale Road and check out the amazing purple light display. Again, I did not have my camera and could have cried. Tom suggested we head back out there this week, WITH the camera. It’s a gorgeous, breathtaking light display. We drove all over and had a really nice time looking and chatting. We came home and watched the Survivor finale. We were so happy that Fabio won! I have watched very little TV recently. I hope to watch a couple of holiday movies this week, as I wrap gifts.

I am making broccoli cheese soup for dinner tonight. We have an abundance of fresh broccoli and yummy gouda cheese. Does anyone have a killer recipe? I printed out a recipe from Allrecipes that looks pretty good, but I always prefer a tried and true recipe.

I’m photographing 2 newborns this week, which makes me very happy! I’ll be sharing a few peeks from those sessions and hopefully a bunch of family shots that I haven’t had time to edit or share until now!

Have a great day, savor this beautiful holiday season and God bless!

Nancy Naylor - So glad your party went well and that you were able to enjoy it. That is quite a feat!!! Also watched Survivor, and was cheering loudly for Fabio. I did not like how on this particular series of Survivor that they just casually lied to each other’s faces.
Jud was very likeable and not back stabbing or devious, so I kind of felt like good conquered evil. (Although I did not really think of the other 2 guys as “evil” just deceptive )
Can’t wait to see your pictures of the purple light displays.
Merry Merry Christmas to you and your family.

emma - when are you going to post your visit to Washington pictures? :)I’m dyinnnng to see them!

Keshet - That is such a beautiful armoire!

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