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sarah y. {beckynovacekphotography} high school senior photographer. fremont nebraska.

Not only do I get to photograph lots of beautiful people, but lately I’ve been photographing some of my favorite people. Every year, I have a high school student help me out with my business and typically my student from the previous year, finds a new student for the upcoming year. It’s worked really well. I have had the creme de la creme of high school students….Lauren Mielke, Alyssa Siebken, Sara Speicher and now Sara II : ) Quality, I tell ya! I still miss Lauren, Alyssa and Sara. Love each of them and would do anything I could to help/promote/encourage them. The thing I love most of all about each of them is that they have the BIGGEST hearts. Anyway, today is all about Sarah!

M18A9481 web

M18A9493 web


I love the little pupper  nose peeking in the frame at the bottom.

M18A9460 web


Her dog’s name is Sophie. I still miss my Sophie.

M18A9470 web


M18A9471 web


M18A9542 web


M18A9555 web


M18A9559 web


M18A9618 web


M18A9634 web


M18A9701 web


We were both SO excited about this location.

M18A9703 web


M18A9712 web


M18A9727 bw web


M18A9730 web


M18A9736 web


M18A9743 web


Love the goosebumps : )

M18A9744 web


M18A9679 web


This was all her…and I think it’s awesome.

M18A9760 web


M18A9766 web


M18A9795 web


Sarah and her mom Charlotte are so fun to work with!

God bless!

emma - Okay this session ROCKS! Every single image is my favorite! Awesome awesome awesome work 🙂 (I love her sweater in the first few images!)

Karen S. - Oh Sarah…dot. dot. dot…you are a cutie patootie.

Lauren - You’re the best. I miss you too!!

Jody Coley - Becky, these are all gorgeous! My favorite is the one with the orange scarf.

Charlotte Young - Oh Becky…seeing these makes me smile and re live that day…I am grateful to have been a part of it! I have several favorites…and anxious to see others.
I love the field ones and Sarah’s jump fits perfect with her LOVE LIFE sweater, I like the one on the road walking with Sophie, I LOVE the colors of her orange scarf and earring…I like the one towards the end where she is sitting crossed legged where she looks more serious and SO glad we moved the ladder to that tree…the colors are wonderful! She looks a little cold…good thing we were done..THANKS!

erica m - Beautiful! Love every shot<3

Tammy McKeighan - Fabulous photos! She is a beautiful young lady and you really captured that in your photography! Great job. Great pix!

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