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if you are overwhelmed, as i know i often am, don’t be discouraged, you are not alone! i do however, feel better about where i’m at today. i have a to do list a mile long, but i know that that’s just part of life and really if i ever “caught up”, i wouldn’t be happy! i worked doggedly all day yesterday, but took a much needed break at 7 and went to a ladies meeting at church. i am so glad i went! we had a time of worship that honestly restored me in a way that is indescribable. it has been a long time since i have experienced such a rockin worship time. caleb quaye

(who has performed and preached at our church a couple of times. eric clapton was asked during an interview with leno who the best guitarist of all time was, and he said, “caleb quaye. he is the best”) said once, “worship is the key that opens your heart to God”. i concur. it’s powerful and goes beyond anything worldly. an added bonus last night was the connection to the other women there. i know that i need the Lord, but i also need people. it’s been clear to me in the past few years how important the women in my life are. i need these relationships. i adore tom and all my boys, but they don’t always “get” what is going on with me. on this note, i also realize that many of us (as women), find our identity in our children or our husbands and then when the children grow up or maybe a husband leaves, we are lost and feel empty. we need to build each other up and support each other. that’s what i felt last night. i felt the support and love. i just really feel like i want to encourage women. to find their identity….not in their children or husband or the chores/roles they play, but in who they are as a person. i know that i went through a time when jared left for college when i really didn’t know who i was. by the grace of God, He showed me. it really has very little to do with what i do, it has everything to do with who i am on the inside. my M.O. before this, was  to stay busy, DO everything for everyone, make everything look good on the outside, and don’t take the time to look at who you really are beneath it all. bad idea. that can only last for a time. when i was soul searching, i was teary most of the time and didn’t really know why. i had to find my identity in who God saw me as, not the world. now, my circumstances may change, things aren’t perfect, but i’m usually still at peace. the most amazing thing is that God blessed me with good things when i least expected it. i am so grateful…life is good. not perfect, but it’s good.

last week, we spent friday evening with tom’s sister and her whole family and had a blast! i met sarah at the loft before we went to the family cabin and took gavin’s 3 month photos. he is so beautiful…just like his big sister ella!



wagner-109-web then we headed to the cabin and took family photos. and had a great dinner!


scott and jean and i were laughing so hard when i took this shot that i almost peed my pants!









alyssa brought her guitar, so around sunset her and i walked out by the road and got some shots.




we’ve know since she was really small that she was born to perform. her talent just continues to grow. listening to her play and sing and get into her music gave me chills. i think there are great things in her future.

God bless each and every one of you!

Robin Smith - Becky, I love the way you “get” the people you are photographing. Everything they are is visible in your pictures. You have a rare gift.

Jean - I could kiss you 🙂 they are so awesome I feel like I can hear each picture laugh, sing or hear babies and kids being themselves !!!! L O V E them, can’t wait to see the rest (especially the one of my OLDER brother Tom and me 🙂 )

Donner - Wow these are cool! I can’t believe how mature and grown up Alyssa looks. Beautiful girl!

Jessica T - Amazing pictures as always! Those kids are all gorgeous!

Sue - Great post, Becky. So full of God-inspired wisdom. It was something that I needed to be reminded of again {and again and again} and you were the willing vessel to deliver the message. Thank you for your willing heart and sharing in such an honest way. I know I was blessed by it.


p.s. As always, your photos are amazing.

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