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I hope you’re enjoying this last week of November! Only 26 days until Christmas! I feel like I’m so behind on decorating my house….but I think it gets earlier every year. I like it, but I can’t always make decorating a priority until the first of December. I’m still in high gear finishing the last senior sessions, family sessions, and editing and designing cards. Lots going on. My dining room table is full of photo orders! It looks so pretty right now.

I photographed our friends Sean and Sheree, and Sheree’s extended family this past weekend. Sheree’s parents have become our friends too. They moved to town about a year ago I think. But we just sort of connected this summer by our pool. Sheree went to a flea market with me early in the summer, and since we discovered we both really love repurposing, we had this instant bond. Though our common bond of faith is really the best of our connections.


This is Sean and Sheree.

Good peeps.

With Scarlett. Oh Scarlett. This child is beyond a trip. She speaks in full sentences and her vocabulary is insane! Such a bright, precocious little girl!

This little dude kept catching my eye.

LOVE this!

Without his hat : )

Three sweethearts.

and their parents. They’re cute too, right?

These two started it all.


She is just soooo sweet!

Sometimes, if there’s a bowl of M&Ms sitting on an island, it’s just too much temptation for a super smart almost two year old. You might try to put them all in your mouth at once and then not be able to keep it all in. It might happen…and then you might have to pull all your clothes off and be in your diaper. And you might look just as cute in your diaper as you do in your cute dress and tights.

I can’t stop!

She’s just a little older than Eli…

God bless you today!



emma - These are so cute! Scarlett is so precious!

Julie - oh my, my, my……sweet little girl! Great job once again, Becky!

Michelle Looi - Your photos are gorgeous!

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