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off to camp…

I haven’t gone to camp for a very long time. I have to say that I have a few of the same feelings I remember having back in the day. Mainly excited, with a little fear of the unknown. I am just sure that it will be life changing. I have such a tender heart for children…just knowing that they are going to be treated like absolute royalty, gives me goosebumps. Knowing that a whole camp full of adults are giving up a full week of vacation time from work, or time away from their own families is very touching to me. I will be coming home every night, but many of the volunteers got there last night and will be there through Friday. No cell phone, other than for about an hour a night when they have a little break. If you are a praying person, please pray for this camp. I’ve been talking about it all summer, so some of you have already heard quite a bit about it. But just in case you missed it, it’s called Royal Family Kids’ Camp and if you click on the link, you can read more.

Don’t forget to check out the Elle’s Studio Journaling Class. It starts August 8 and goes through August 28. I think it’s going to be awesome!

I’ll be posting as I can this week, but it may be a little more sparse than usual. Thanks for reading/looking!

I recently photographed a family in my neighborhood. We took the photos in their backyard on a very hot night! They were good sports and I think the images turned out great considering the heat!

I don’t often do camera aware, lined up images, but I know we all need a few of these, especially when the whole family is together.



img_0673-web Isn’t Grandma photogenic?

img_0675-web Beautiful girl…beautiful hair.


img_0727-web Favorite shot of the night.

img_0596-web Pretty much every time I started to even think of taking a photo of this guy, this is what he did! Love his little towhead!

Have a great Monday and God bless!

Shelley Paden - Hey Blog Mom,
I have been praying for you the last two nights for your Camping Trip. I cannot wait to hear how God shows up and blesses your heart. Also still praying twice daily for Dave. Read this: Zephaniah 3:17…so awesome.
Love ya! Shelley

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