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my heart bursts….

when I look at the images I’m going to share today. For so many reasons….

*the children are beautiful

*their parents love them so unconditionally

*the story of their becoming a family makes my heart ache in a good way

*this is the first session with my new camera and I love that!

*God’s hand in this is undeniable

*I love this little growing family so much

My friend Becca has the most kind, giving heart. She doesn’t complain, even though she has had to deal with some of the toughest situations a person could face. She also has some of the best things in life…a loving husband, these 4 little miracles and tight extended family and many, many friends, a strong faith (Kelly, Becca and I shared a very scary experience flying back from Orlando last summer and we all responded in the same way….praying rather than cussing!) and a wonderful homelife. I’m so thankful that God is blessing her for her continued faithfulness. She could have become bitter or cynical…but she hasn’t, her positive energy fills a room.Β She inspires me daily.

Recently 5 day old Baby S joined their family. He is beyond gorgeous.




img_0201-web I cry every time I look at this image of Becca and Baby S.


img_0233-web Beautiful E.

The boys hadn’t had their hair done yet, but I couldn’t resist snapping a couple while we were waiting for Baby S.

img_0091-web Aren’t C’s eyes unbelievable? They grab me every time.

img_0098-web Seeing N so happy makes me happy.

img_0278-web The beautiful dough bowl is borrowed from Dimestore Days. I told you they are awesome, letting me borrow amazing props.



img_0294-web At first I didn’t notice N touching Baby’s hand…how sweet is that?


img_0314-web This one makes me laugh. He’s in there!


img_0333-web Love this family. Praying that their future holds years of joy and peace.

Could you do me a huge favor? Could you let me know if you see a significant difference with the new camera? Thanks so much. I think I do….but I may not be super objective given the nature of my connection to the above subjects.

Tom and I are looking forward to dinner tonight with Donna and Jamie. After the craziness of their son’s wedding, we are all ready for some downtime and a lot of laughs together.

Have a great weekend!

God bless!

Kelly - Such happy happy pictures! πŸ™‚
LOVE them all.
And yes, I see a big difference and not just because I know that you got a new camera. YAY! πŸ™‚
Have a great weekend…

jody ferlaak - A-mazing! I still can’t believe that all that has transpired for Becca and I keep thinking of her and praying for her. Going from 1 to 2 is a challenge, 2 to 3, and 3 to 4. But all at once!! I know she is blessed and loving every minute, but she still needs our prayers! =)
I was thinking about all she has been through and marking my own loss of Teagan today just affirms my faith that much more. It’s so hard to trudge through and hang on when you’re walking the dark valley path, but then God has a way of bursting forth His light- sometimes in small clearings along the way, other times He just blows me away with His majesty! My heart aches for the way He leads some of us at times, but also rests in knowing that He has it all under control.
I’m sure there were times Becca couldn’t imagine photos and blessings like the ones you captured here, but it’s real now and makes it that much more incredible.
I love that God keeps redeeming, restoring and renewing the Hope of those who simply trust in Him.
Thanks so much for your friendship to Becca too. I only wish I were closer to all of YOU!
And by the way… You’re welcome to fly up and take newborn shots of our next one whenever that day comes. Soon!!
Have a great weekend and tell Brooke thanks for her prayers for my family the past couple of days too. I appreciate each and every one!

tara pollard pakosta - I am so happy for becca that I could CRY!
these images touched me so much!
beautiful children!!!
she’s a wonderful person!
deserves this beautiful family so much!


Karon Henderson - What a GORGEOUS baby as well as the other children!!! You did a beautiful job once again. With my history, the photos brought tears to my eyes to see God’s handiwork once again. God bless you for sharing.

corinne delis - I am so happy for Becca as well and these pics brought tears to my eyes. I see a big diference in your photos πŸ™‚ love it!


Diane Dolan - Becky – these are so beautiful! I think we are all in agreement with the total awesomeness of God and how He works. You have captured this beautiful family and all they are. Thanks for sharing these photos.


Kelly - i was sooooo wondering if you were going to take photos for becca! i adore these! such a beautiful miracle in that little (um, BIG? lol) family! I hope there’s a group shot of all 6 of them in there somewhere as that is something truly photo-worthy πŸ˜‰
Many many many more blessings to them all!

Sandy Perry - Becky – these pictures are FABULOUS!!!! I’m so happy for Becca & Scott!!!!

Hohn - Bec..I truly think that these are on your top 10 list of photos. The images are so bright and colorful. and the munchins are adorable. love ya

Debbie - I love your pictures of Becca & her family! She is in my prayers daily! And, I do think there is a difference in your images also. Brighter, crisper…the details are amazing!

Angela - What a beautiful family – so many cute kiddies! Their big eyes. Sighhh!
I DO notice a big diff in your camera shots. Did you get a new one?

Leonie-Australia - Becky these are beautiful photos as always. These photos look amazingly sharp I was thinking that as I was looking at them before I got to your question. What is the new camera you got? If these pics are the result you must be loving it!

Kathleen Loughran - Thank you for sharing these. My heart is just bursting through my eyes. Becca is often in my prayers and to see the tide change for her in this manner … I am just so full of joy for her. I love seeing the kids and the pure intensity of her love holding baby S. Lovely photos as always!

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