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my birthday is complete…

well, after lunch today, it IS complete. Last night, was my bagel birthday and it was divine. I am a lucky girl. When we’re together, it’s sure to be a good time. They made me feel loved and spoiled!

img_3843-web They gave me a stunningly beautiful Fossil watch! I love Fossil. I have a watch that I bought years ago and wear everyday that has never failed me! I will hang on to old trusty, but it’s going to be sitting in a drawer once I get the new one sized. The handwritten note with the gift is as much a gift as the watch. PLUS, Glue made me a card that I want to frame! I feel very, very blessed!

I’ll be having lunch with my friend Kandy today and then I think my birthday will have been thoroughly celebrated!

This week, I am focusing on our Christmas party which will be this coming Saturday. I thought maybe it would be helpful to share a list of entertaining to-dos. I’m doing this as much for me as for you!

*b* list of entertaining to-dos:

  • Monday: Organize and declutter all areas
  • Focus on cleaning rooms that won’t necessarily be seen by guests….but just in case, because inevitably when you think a room will be safe behind closed doors, it will be checked out. I hadn’t really gotten our guest room put back together after the ceiling and painting project, so I worked on that yesterday and it’s all ready to go. I even have the bed ready in case anyone wants to stay over! It feels good to know that one room is completely ready and will stay that way until Saturday.
  • Tuesday: Plan menu and make grocery list. Since I’m still working quite a few hours, I’m probably not terribly organized. So as I’m typing this, I’m thinking maybe I’m not the best person to share a list like this, because I do sort of fly by the seat of my pants!
  • Order specialty foods/baked items. I’m not proud. I do order a few of the foods that will be serve at our party. Last year, I had a friend cater the party…this year, she’s helping prep, but she’s not doing the whole deal. She’s actually working that night for another holiday  party, but I’m feeling good about it, because I honestly do enjoy doing some of the food myself.
  • Get favors made and ready.
  • Continue cleaning upstairs. I’m hoping to get the bathrooms, my room and my studio done today. That’s a huge goal…not sure it’s realistic.
  • Finish decorating main floor. I got quite a bit of it done yesterday, but today, I need to wrap it up.
  • Make sure I have something to wear. I usually don’t buy a new outfit, but I do like to be sure to have something that is festive, yet comfy. I hate when the day of the party comes and I haven’t given it a thought.
  • Wednesday: Shopping. This will take a lot of the day.
  • Prep food that can be done ahead of time.
  • Continue cleaning the less conspicuous areas.
  • Wrap gifts.
  • Thursday: Clean main floor.
  • Arrange flowers, centerpieces and last minute decor.
  • Work on food that can be done ahead.
  • Friday: Continue cleaning.
  • Get serving table ready and make sure all serving pieces are clean and ready.
  • Continue working on food that can be made ahead.
  • Set up outdoor candles or anything special to welcome guests.
  • Saturday: Pick up food that has been ordered.
  • Finish up food prep.
  • Vacuum and touch up house.
  • Make sure that beverages are chilled or heated and ready.

Obviously there are a few things that I did in preparation before this week….invitations, decorating, remodeling (haha!), ordering updated photos for frames….I try to think ahead, but many times, I’m scrambling in the end. But at least I’m used to working under pressure and typically  do alright!

This past weekend, I took Jared & Beth’s tummy shots. I am giddy about this baby boy. And I am honored that they wanted me to take their tummy shots. I know that may sound odd, but I really do consider it an honor. I think Beth looks amazing!


I’ve already ordered this one.


img_3714-web Love her hair in this shot.

img_3729-web1 Perfect tummy.

img_3745-web I hope he has her dimple.



img_3775-web I love how protective Jared looks.


img_3791-web Love this one! I think they should do a little collage of these photos in the baby’s room  : )



img_3822-web I think it’s a beautiful thing! I can’t wait to meet our new baby boy. Only about 10 more weeks. I think about how quickly the weeks fly by and I know how fast he will be here! The paparazzi Meem is ready.

Today, as I reflect on Christmas, I know that I want my focus to be on the real meaning of this magical season, my Lord Jesus. Our Pastor sends an evotional each Monday and today he based his thoughts on Jeremiah 10:23-24. He reminded us that during this busy season, it’s easy to get distracted and lose our focus. To become self driven and self centered. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the commercial aspect of this season. I don’t want that for myself or my family. To quote Pastor Mike, “At this time of year with all the gatherings, shopping, cooking, etc etc. I think God’s correction for this season might be, ‘Slow down, focus on Christ, enjoy the life he has given us!’ Amen.

So as I’m getting ready for this weekend, this reminder is timely. I hope that you are savoring this season and it’s blessings.

God bless each of you!

tara pollard pakosta - these are gorgeous photos of j & beth!!!
just LOVE THEM! I am so very happy for him!
these are amazing! I am coming next summer for sure
just to meet this baby boy!

Leonie-Australia - beautiful photos Becky, they both look so happy & contended, you did a great job capturing that.

Keshet - Hope it was a very happy birthday!

melanie - i didn’t know beth + jared were expecting! congrats to them and you. 🙂 gorgeous photos of the three of them.

Brooke - I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!! And even more I cannot wait to meet the new babe:)

Suzy - Beautiful shots! Such a special time.

Your birthday is not complete until we do sushi 😉

Shari Strong - Such cool photos! Love em!

Kamie Mielke - Wow! I don’t know how you do it Becky, but every time I check out your photos, I am amazed!! These of Jared & Beth are so awesome! Makes ME teary eyed – I can’t imagine what it does to you!!! Congrats – I can’t believe it’s only weeks away now. They are a great couple!

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