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I’m tempted to complain about the weather, but I’m choosing not to! I just know that spring is going to be here soon. My hyacinths, tulips and daffodils are blooming, and all the other foliage in the backyard are getting really lush and green. I’m marking my calendar with all the flea markets I want to go to…I’ve already bought my plane ticket for Farm Chicks! That was my favorite show last year. I’ll be going with two and maybe three of my favorite people! I also plan to go to a few of the local shows within driving distance and I’m also hoping to make it to Junk Bonanza again. Someday, I hope to make it to Roundtop. When I’m in California, I love to hit their famous markets. In fact, I had one of my favorite chairs shipped from the Santa Monica flea. Well worth it! That’s what’s on my mind lately.

Last week, when I posted my *b* list, I wrote that I would like to continue on the same topic, so I will.

*b* lists of life-changing media, websites, and books(part 2):

  • Women who have influenced me WAY beyond scrapbooking. These three women have influenced me over the years SO much! They have all written books that I read cover to cover, savoring each word and taking it all in, and applying much of what they wrote to my own life and how I wanted to document it. Since the first time I saw Jenni Bowlin‘s work, I was in awe. I’ve always enjoyed seeing her work and when she started her own company, I knew it would be amazing…and it is…and I’m thrilled to be on her team. But I must say that I would rave about her whether I was on her team or not! The book that she was featured in is called “Timeless Techniques” and I still pick it up and look at it from time to time. It’s fun to see how she’s evolved and how her life has just exploded with opportunities! The second amazing woman who I think changed everything (in a good way) is Rebecca Sower. When I read her book, Scrapbooking Life’s Little Moments, it changed me and how I look at life. I decided that scrapbooking was important and that it didn’t have to be cheesy : ) Totally classy style and such genuine journaling. Very fresh. I hung on her every word! I still love her and her style. She is so full of heart. Another woman who I think almost started a revolution in how we document our lives, is Ali Edwards. Ali became a household name…at least in our house! Seriously, her name is so recognized in our industry…everybody knows Ali. She is innovative, insightful, heartful and hugely talented. She is responsible for December Daily, One Little Word, A Day in the Life …and probably other ideas/projects that have changed scrapbooking in a good way.  I could hardly wait to see her daily layout at 2peas(which changed scrapbooking for the good too!), back in the day. All three of these women made such a difference in our art form. They are easy to admire not only for their art, but in how they live their lives. Scrapbooking is very near and dear to me, even now. Even though I don’t do it as often as I did ten years ago, I still enjoy it and want to continue to incorporate my love of photos, journaling and design, in a way that I hope will mean something even after I’m gone…and even if it doesn’t, I still feel like it’s important for me. There are lots of ladies who have influenced me in the scrapbooking world. I can’t even begin to name them all, as much as they mean to me. However, I can’t NOT mention my bagels. We met because of scrapbooking, even though not all of us have continued to scrapbook. I would be grateful for the hobby if for nothing else than these friendships. Kelly, Miley, Glue, Becca and Denise-I love you all and am so grateful that our hobby brought us together!
  • Obvious sites. Google, Etsy, Craigslist, Flickr. I use Google for everything. It’s the #5 on my list of Top Sites. I use it if I need a recipe for the 3 weird unrelated ingredients that I happen to have on hand or to find out how to erase all the info off my old cell phone (Thanks Kirby!)or to find out movie times,  or to find a menu for a restaurant we want to try but know nothing about. So many uses. Love it. Etsy, Flickr and Craigslist are also obvious choices. You all know about how awesome these sites are. I just couldn’t create a list like this and not include the obvious ones.
  • The Ease of Conducting Business Online. There are so many ways that you can promote your business (blogging and social networking), take care of taxes, keep accurate records and a myriad of other benefits. I love the connection with people that I have via my blog and social networks. I don’t think I would have a viable business without it. Well, maybe I would, but it would have taken much longer to get to this point. There are so many specific website and blogs that have helped me to do my business more efficiently. My most recent find was the easy accounting solution. They have specific accounting programs for photographers, crafters, contractors and the self-employed. They have a 2-day trial option which I think is brilliant, because when you see how easy it is to use, it sells itself. PLUS, their customer service is top-notch. I emailed on Saturday morning with a question and she responded within a few minutes and had the issue resolved in minutes! Lorena rocks! I highly recommend.
Short list today, but I tried to jam a lot of good links and info in.
I still have photos to share. Darren and Mikaela are an easy-going, super likable couple. We spent a Friday evening chatting a couple months prior to their engagement session and I knew we were a good fit. I’ve been looking forward to their engagement session since that Friday night! I asked them if they would be willing to share “their story”, so here’s the story of Darren’s proposal, as written by Mikaela:
“Darren and said he wasn’t going to propose on Valentines Day—-too cliche.  And, since V-Day was a Monday anyway—it seemed a little less romantic.  So—it was the Saturday before Valentines Day and Darren and I were visiting my parents for the weekend.  Keep in mind I was oblivious to everything that occurred that day—up until he proposed.  The morning started out a little odd—in that a member of the church that I grew up in passed away, and his funeral was that morning.  So—I asked Darren if it would be alright if we went.  He was less than thrilled, but was a trooper and went with my parents and I to the funeral.  We ended up going to the funeral, burial, and the luncheon afterwards–all the while Darren kept asking when we were leaving–to which I just thought he was restless.  We came back to my parents house that afternoon and lazy-ed around.  Darren and I had planned a date night that evening—purely because we weren’t going to be able to go out on Valentines Day evening–since it was a Monday.  So—it was getting to be supper-ish time and Darren started asking me if I was going to start getting ready.  Again–I simply thought he didn’t want to sit around my parents house anymore.  We ended up going out to eat and had some wonderful steaks and wine!  Afterwards, we wanted to go to a movie, but Darren wanted to drive to this little lake we had been to before.  I didn’t really know why—but since we had some time to kill—I was up for it.  We drove to the lake just as the sun was setting (which turned out to be why Darren was trying to time everything during the day).  We were going to take a walk—but since it was ferociously cold–we decided to sit in the car and watch the sunset.  Within a few moments–Darren looked at me and said, “I did have something I wanted to tell you.”  (My heart started pounding)  “Six months ago today, I first told you I love you right here.”  (My heart kept pounding)  I thought that was really sweet—and I hadn’t even remembered that it had been six months. However—because another question didn’t immediately follow–I thought the fireworks show was over.   Sweet—but I was hoping….
But—Darren soon looked over at me again and said, “There was one thing I wanted to ask.”  He started fiddling with something in the door—my heart again was starting to pound and I started tearing up.  He pulled out a little brown box, opened it to reveal the most perfect solitaire diamond ring and asked, “Will you marry me?”  I was crying and laughing at the same time, but managed to get out a “Yes!”  Hmm.
Later, we ended up going to a movie and then back to my parents house.  My parents knew about the whole plan, so they were staring as us like deer in the headlights when we came in.  We announced the news and told them the story.  When they asked what movie we went to, we couldn’t remember.”

Darren was actually in a wedding that I shot a couple of years ago. He is a cousin of Garrett Schweitzer (which meant that I knew I would love Darren and Mikaela before I actually met them!). Garrett and Katie had an engagement shot taken on a bridge and that image is probably one of the most memorable of their engagement shots. So now Darren and Mikaela have a bridge of their own.

My very favorite shot of this session. LOVE it! Her smile makes me smile!

I hope you like your peeks D & M! I can’t wait for your big day!

If you all are like me, and like to read true love stories, you can check out their wedding site here. I feel like I know them and their wedding party already!

Have a great evening and God bless!

GGT - Wow Becky… those are amazing. Such a good looking couple. I should know though, I am related to them 🙂

tara pollard pakosta - what a CUTE CUTE couple!!
love all the pix of them!!!!

I am grateful that I met you through 2peas,
becoming friends with you is in my top 10 list of
best things that ever happened to me~!!!

Vicki Chrisman - Totally fun shots Bec! Love em all!

Renae - L.O.V.E. the last photo. Swoon!

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