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I am in typical after the holidays/beginning of a new year regroup mode.

For the past couple of years, I’ve done the 40days/40bags challenge.

It’s basically making a list of 40 areas of your home/life to reorganize and purge.

You try to give away or throw away 40 bags or boxes of stuff that you don’t use or love anymore.

So I started yesterday.

I’m a little unorganized in my organizing plan. 

I’ve been skipping around and have only finished one area.

BUT, that being said, I am killing it with what I have gotten rid of.

7 bags/boxes in 2 areas.

My attitude is ruthless in regard to what I can keep.

Only if I love it or use it often.

Sentimental items are tough.

I may be the only person who cares, so why do I care?

Knowing that I have documented my family well over the years in both photos and scrapbooks with journaling, I should be able to let go.

I think many people  I have trouble just making the decision…I sit and look at something and debate whether I can let it go or not. 

Wasted time. 

Things are not people or relationships. 

Because I like to take photos and write, I should be okay with letting go of broken toys and 30 year old baby clothes. 

I didn’t keep all of the baby clothes, just a small box. But why?

I suppose I need therapy…but instead I blog. 

AND take photos.

I have a beautiful family to share peeks of tonight.

I’ve known Judy for many years. 

We both volunteered for the local Christian Women’s Club years ago when we still had kiddos at home.

I love when people you have known and enjoyed cross your path again and that fondness is rekindled.

Judy’s son Kyle pastors the church that is right next to my studio downtown.

They are fantastic neighbors. 

M18A5188 web

This reminds me of our family photo a few years ago.

I still LOVE this alleyway and the way it photographs.

Their color choices are great here too!

M18A5208 web M18A5237 web M18A5273 web M18A5283 web M18A5296 web

It was a chilly day, so we snapped a quick family alley shot and then retreated to my cozy studio for the smaller groupings.

Hope you are enjoying this holiday week. 

God bless!


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