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live and let live…

as time passes, i am realizing more and more that most of what happens around me, isn’t about me. people aren’t making their decisions, or saying what they’re saying, because of me. usually it has nothing to do with me. do i sound cryptic? i think one thing that has become clear as i age (and hopefully mature) is that life is big, and things that i used to be easily offended by or maybe hurt by, really weren’t intentional….and in fact had nothing to do with me in most cases. sometimes just having someone else lifted up, made me feel put down…when it really had nothing to do with me.  i continue to struggle with my people pleasing tendencies, and i’ve come to see that it’s not just about me pleasing others, it’s also about how sensitive i am about what others say or do. i used to be a lot more sensitive, but i think because of jobs i’ve worked and people i’ve associated with, i’ve become more thick skinned. i know that i’m pretty *pollyanna-ish*, but i’m okay with that. i know that in my heart, i don’t set out to ever hurt anyone else, so i like to think that the majority of people around me are likewise. my cousin kelly told me many years ago, “healthy people attract healthy people”….and that has stuck with me. i’m not naive enough to think that none of my associations are unhealthy, but i do feel like i’m surrounded by good people in general. also, i know that the person i was even 15 years ago is very different than the person i am now. being focused on oneself and just those within an inner circle, isn’t the healthiest outlook. i’m not where i should be, but i’m on the right road. finally! i recognize my weaknesses and am working on not letting my weaknesses define me. i hope that my strengths outweigh my weak areas and that i can continue to look for the best in others and not “look” for anything negative. i know that discernment is important, but i’m not willing to be so guarded toward others because of any insecurity in me.

whenever i post something like this, i have friends and family members close to me who want to know “what my post is really about”? this post is based on striving that i see in myself and nearly everyone around me. it seems we’re all striving for approval from each other, when really if we can just live and let live, and believe that others are really as good hearted as they seem, life would be much more enjoyable and relaxed. i know there are a handful of people in my life who really “get” that, and they are among the happiest people i know! they have a humble attitude, but at the same time they have an unshakable confidence…..and to be their friend is a joy. you know that you don’t have to explain yourself incessantly. that is my current striving: to let people be who they are, respect it and not think that what they are or aren’t doing is about me. amen.

 i had the pleasure of shooting a wedding on saturday of two very special people. dori is among the most good hearted people i know! and since like-minded people attract, jeff happens to be a good hearted man! they make such a great couple. i saw such peace and confidence in them on their wedding day. not self indulgant confidence, but confidence in the step that they made together. confidence in their relationship and it’s “rightness”.




dori’s dress, shoes, actually every detail of her ensemble was perfect! she looked gorgeous!


i’ve never seen jeff look more happy.



i love these two 🙂




i think i may have this shot made into a poster!

i’m looking forward to a day with my mom today. we’re going to lunch and then shopping…and we may stop by and see jared and beth’s new place. tonight tom and i are going to lincoln to celebrate amber’s birthday. after a week of lots of work, today is a much needed day off! i intend to enjoy my peeps!

have a great friday and God bless!

Jessica T - I love the golf course shots! Super cute. Have a great weekend!

Lynn - Total inSpiration! These shots are gorgeous! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Vicki Chrisman - Great shots! That last one is priceless for sure!
And I dont know how I missed you at Venice this morning. I loved the fabric on that pink chair..but it was just a smidg out of my price range. The green one was originally 27, and she took 20. wooooo ( just call me “big spender”) ha

Stefanie Hamilton - Gorgeous photos! And oh my gosh, I love the golf ones soooo much.

Renae - The gams on the bride are killer!! Wowsa!! What an adorable couple.

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