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life is full….

i have much to be thankful for. a partner who encourages me to be who i am fully, a family who i love with my whole heart, friends who constantly inspire me and who i want to spend as much time with as i can, work that i am absolutely passionate about, a home that is such a refuge to me, a relationship with my Creator and Savior who i know loves me and who i love back, a peace that passes understanding that the world doesn’t provide, and time to invest in these things as i see fit. that is what i shall focus on. not what’s wrong, but what’s right in my world. things definitely aren’t perfect, but it’s all in my perspective. for the past months, our church has been working through a “healing the heart” series and it has been so good. it’s made me realize that no church is perfect, only God is perfect. i fail others and i know that others will fail me…but it’s in the surrender and humility, along with acknowledgment of our part in it, that healing can occur and that we can move forward. hanging on to the past and all it’s failures just paralyzes me. it’s baggage that i don’t want to drag around. love forgives. it feels so good to be able to look around my church and know that no matter what has happened in the past, it’s done and we can start afresh with each other. don’t get me wrong, i don’t feel terribly wronged by anyone, it’s just the petty little disputes that can drive a wedge, and i don’t want that in my life. pettiness is so ugly and i am determined not to be petty. i want to make choices that bless others…..and that in turn makes me feel blessed.

 okay, so with all this, i came to another realization. my statement last week about doing something creative every day, is a vital part of this whole equation. if i’m spending a little time every day doing my thing, i’m much more able to think clearly and have a better attitude about myself and others. if i don’t, i start to get negative and feel sorry for myself. or maybe i’m just justifying my creative time! nah!

this past weekend, i shot an absolutely gorgeous wedding. i can honestly say, that if i were getting married, i would choose this venue and many other details that they chose. i was almost giddy about the whole deal! the location, the laidback attitude of the bride and groom, the warmth of the wedding party and families, the flowers, the attire, the cakes, the colors…..pretty much everything was dreamy. i can’t wait to share pics! because when the bride trusts the photographer and is willing to go with whatever, it makes for the best photos! more on this later in the week!

i did recently get to do one of my other favorite kinds of shoots-a beautiful newborn. she was so pretty! and her older brother was equally adorable.











i had a blast with the children, their sweet mama and grandma!

i have much to do! my cousin erika and her kiddos emma, ellie and dane will be arriving later this afternoon! the guest room isn’t quite ready, i have groceries to pick up, and a few other last minute things to do! so excited to have them here! er hasn’t been back for 6 years and for the kids it’s been even longer…i think ellie was 18 months and she’s 11 now! dane and tom have quite a relationship, so i will have funny stories. dane calls tom *honey tom* AND asked him in all seriousness if he was shrek? ever since that, tom calls me *donkey* from time to time. thanks dane. ha!

have a wonderful monday and God bless!

Tom - Hey Donkey………………..:)

Cara - Your writing always inspires me but today this quote will remain with me all day. “i want to make choices that bless others…..and that in turn makes me feel blessed.”

Thank you, 🙂

Kaitlyn - Yeah! Can’t wait to see the gallery!

Peg Wirth - My grandchildren are beautiful, but I wouldn’t expect any less coming from such a beautiful person as yourself. I’m moved by your writing and inspired to look at life more positively.

Ditto, can’t wait to see the rest of the story(pictures)


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