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leah victoria. {beckynovacekphotography} high school senior photographer. elkhorn nebraska.

I get to use her middle name because I’m her Aunt : ) I was there when she came into the world and have been bonded with her from that moment on. Love her to pieces and can’t believe she’s a senior and so grown-up!

Bear with me, she’s quite photogenic!

M18A9157 web


M18A9172 web


M18A9178 web


M18A9185 web


M18A9217 web


M18A9234 web


M18A9250 web


I told her to go through my shoes and pick any that she wanted to use…

M18A9258 web


M18A9260 web


M18A9271 web


M18A9280 bw web


M18A9292 web


M18A9297 web


M18A9314 web


M18A9316 web


M18A9352 web


Nice. This was unprovoked!

M18A9366 web


M18A9378 web


No eye makeup. True natural beauty!

God bless!

Amba - Love these!! Great pics of a great girl!! Love the reading and dirty feet!! 🙂

Mary - She certainly favors the Dein side!

tara pollard pakosta - oh little Leah! she’s sooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful! and she looks JUST LIKE YOU! seriously could be your child! She is for sure a natural beauty! LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL OF THESE!

admin - I agree Mary!

Becca Sutton - Ok, so… A: Leah is gorgeous. Such depth in those baby blues. And B: When did this happen? I mean, she and Kennedy were swapping sippy cups last week! And C: She looks just like you in the reading photo. I never really saw it before, but yeowza!

admin - I love your comment about her and Kennedy 🙂 I know that I would be shocked if I saw Kennedy and probably even more shocked spending time with her and seeing the young lady she’s become! miss you guys!

er - these are BEAUTIFUL!!!!
little vicki!! love the expressions, looks totally like a dein 🙂
the yellow shoes in the chair reminds e of a best friends shoot a long time ago 😉 breathtaking beck, really. miss you all so much…hugs x0x0x0x0

Kamie - Oh my! These make me teary eyed! Can’t believe she’s a Sr!!! Beautiful photos of a beautiful girl!

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