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kinley 9 months…and a lot of deep thoughts {beckynovacekphotography} baby photographer. fremont nebraska.

Today, I thought I would share a little bit about my thoughts on approaching a photo session. There are many different kinds of photographers out there and each of us has a little different approach. The people we photograph are as different as our photography styles, so it’s really about finding the right fit for your style and what you ultimately want to end up with in your images. As a photographer, I know that if I’m posting work that represents my style, I will attract the clients who get it and like what I’m doing. On a side note, I think this is vitally important when you are looking for a wedding photographer. When I meet with engaged couples, I am completely honest about what I do and how I shoot weddings, because I don’t want to mislead anyone. I want it to be a good fit for me and for them. So far, this approach has worked very well!

I am a huge fan of getting outside and shooting. I like to use nature as inspiration, but I’m also really into interesting architecture, old (especially) or new. With that being said, since it’s not always possible to be outside in the midwest, I do like to shoot at my studio too. The winter months provide a totally different vibe with indoor sessions. Even though my approach inside or out is to keep things as simple as possible, I do like to use a few simple props here and there, as long as the props aren’t the focus. I always, always want the people I’m photographing to be the focus. Here’s why: Photos with elaborate setups or props draw  a lot of attention when they’re posted online, so it’s tempting to get caught up in that and think that’s the route to go as a photographer. I love a good setup and great props too, but I find that the simple images that really capture the person, are the images that clients actually want on their walls and in their photo books. Those are also the images that are timeless and classic and really never go out of style, so even if they’re on our walls for years and years, they stand the test of time. I know that when I have a photo that is about the people, I’m not afraid to invest in canvas, metal prints, albums, or enlargements, because I won’t ever tire of looking at my people : ) I think any time your work/passion/livelihood is in a creative field or the arts, it’s tempting to get caught up in trends, which is okay, AS LONG AS, you remain true to who you are as an artist. This is true for me in photography as well as in my home and how we live, crafting and scrapbooking and all other creative pursuits. I’m preaching to myself too. I want to stay on this path, creating what I believe in and love. I think this is key to never burning out or losing interest.

My opinions and philosophy are just that, mine. I love to cross paths with like-minded individuals, but I also want to embrace the fact that there is room for everyone. I admire photographers who have a very different style than mine , and are thriving in their businesses. I am not of the mindset that my way is the only way. I love diversity. I want to be supported by my peers and I want to support what they are doing. We can all learn from each other in all aspects of life.

The reason this is on my mind, is because this month, I have been really introspective about EVERYTHING. Choices I’ve made personally and professionally, and how I will proceed in 2014. I know that my approaching trip to Africa has made me more in touch with my philosophy on many things; Tom will often find me deep in thought during a meal, at my computer, in the car or pretty much anyplace. I think I’m ready for the changes that I know in my heart are going to take place in me….but I don’t even know the depth or how it will look. I just know that I will be challenged in a good way. To get outside of myself and receive perspective that one can only get when you set your life aside for a while and get away. I have a healthy fear that I think is based on leaving all the comforts I know and love.

If you have gotten through all this verbiage, thank you! Sometimes I think out loud here and apparently I needed to get this down!

I think the images I’m going to share today back what I’ve written. A little mix of props and just people. A good representation of what I really like to do. Plus these people make me look good!

M18A8712 vintage web

Eyelashes. I think this is what an angel probably looks like?

M18A8621 web

I forgot to mention that I’m also super inspired by the outfits and accessories of my clients. Kinley’s momma always brings it. When I saw this ensemble, I grabbed the mirror. Simple prop that fits.

M18A8639 web

I played around with focus on these. On this one, I focused on the mirror image and love how her eyelashes and eyes pop.

M18A8643 web

A simple stack of vintage quilts and a baby. In a few days, there will be a newborn baby girl on this stack.

M18A8650 web

Love that she is expressive! She loved sitting on this funny little pile of quilts.

M18A8674 web

M18A8772 web

She was sitting with her parents a few seconds before I snapped this. She is a speed crawler!

M18A8801 web

This is a photo I would want on a wall in my home for years.

M18A8824 web

Walking at nine months. Ey-yi-yi.

M18A8845 web

M18A8598 web

Have a great Monday and God bless!


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