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This week has been a study in contrasts. That’s the only way I can summarize it. I spent much of the day Monday working on a project that would not come together. I finally gave up (hours after a normal person would have) and decided that it’s an issue with my computer. Apparently my idvd is not working properly. Sometimes being super focused and driven is not a good thing. Yesterday, I was determined to be more productive. AND I was! It was a great day and I feel so good about the things I accomplished. Today, my plans have already changed from spending the afternoon in a salon being pampered -to working all day with a little break for a chiropractic appointment. I’m so thankful that they could get me in on such short notice. Yesterday was extremely productive, but I did strain my back a little moving furniture. I hauled my desk down the steps by myself and then over Tom’s lunch hour, we moved the new one in. I actually moved everything out of my studio and then moved most of it back in. Feels so good to have it all cleaned up and reorganized. You can see my studio on the Studio Calico blog today. Nothing like a studio tour to motivate! Here are a couple more photos-

See the box on top of the paper shelves?  For a while now, I’ve been accumulating scraps of neutral papers, tissue paper, little bits of layering goodies that I can easily reach for when I’m working on a project. I need to find a storage solution that will look good and serve the purpose. I’m sure that I’ll find something.

Here’s another shot that shows the detail of my new desk drawers. LOVE the key and keyhole!

I think I should plan a tour of each room of my house just to motivate me to clean and organize!

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph lots of newborns and that my friends is something that I LOVE to do! I love all of my photo sessions, but there’s something extra special about newborns. Before I ever pursued photography, I loved newborns. The miracle of life has always fascinated me. I can’t see a newborn anywhere and not stop and smile. Katelin was just ten days old when I photographed her. She is so laidback and content.

Isn’t she delish?

I love this last shot. Daddy was technically working, so he had to handle a few things while we were shooting, but I love that he came anyway! Katelin is a blessed baby girl.

God bless your day!


Crystal - Oh, that Daddy looks smitten! I love how his hand cups her head and how he’s so close and intimate – great family photos to let a little one know she’s loved from the very beginning. Well done, my friend!

Shelley - They look awesome, thank you!

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