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junk bonanza 2010…

I’ve known about this event for years and always wanted to attend. I finally made it this year! My friend Miley and Kelly went last year and raved about it, so that just confirmed for me that I had to go! As I wrote Monday, we hooked the trailer up to the F150 and headed down the road. We left a day earlier than we originally planned, so we didn’t have hotel reservations. The place we stayed only had a smoking room with double beds, so that is what we took. Yikes. Miley and I were checking for bedbugs. We must watch too much TV. We only slept for 3 hours and were up and on our way to the show, so there was no harm done.

All three of us went into this adventure well prepared. We not only had a truck and a trailer to make getting things home easier, we also had notebooks with lists of what we were looking for and measurements of all the key spaces in our homes. It was honestly the best way to shop. I usually go in with a vague idea or no idea at all and then I just buy whatever and some things end up in storage. Not so this time! My kitchen piece is already in place. I don’t have it the way I want it yet, but since I enjoy that part so much, I am in no rush.


img_2802-web1 A few of the small things I found.

img_1836-web The photo above and following were all taken at the Junk Bonanza in Daffadowndilly booth. They are from Nebraska! Not close to me, but in the same state at least! Such nice people.

Her last post is about the Bachman house, which we toured also. I have photos to share too…another day.






img_1844-web I wanted the yellow glider…



img_1848-web Whenever I go to shows or flea markets, I have this weird half lazy, half shy thing about taking photos, so I rarely take many. I’m so glad I took these and the ones I took at Bachman House. That place was SO inspiring! I’m not sure how long it’s open, but if you live in the Minneapolis area, it’s totally worth the $5 admission. Go, you’ll be glad you did.

I hope you are having a wonderful day. God bless!

Traci - wasn’t it awesome!! what day were you there? i got in friday afternoon. it would have been so great to meet you. love the table!!!

tara pollard pakosta - love your new piece!!!
I so wish I had the money to go shopping
for my house! You saw how much it needs furniture
and to be decorated!!! if you lived closer and I had
the money, I would have you find all the pieces for it!
LOVE your style!

Brenda Partusch - Aaahhh Becky…..that’s a great looking table! Lucky you!!


erin yamabe - what treasures…i went to my first flea market this past summer and I’m hooked. tfs!
bless you!

Nancy Naylor - Thou shall not covet, thou shall not covet, thou shall not covet 😉 . . . Love the table and the wonderful red shabby “N”.
Thanks for sharing your pictures, so glad you got to go!

Gina - Love the new piece of furniture. I love all the storage on the bottom and of course the chippy paint.:) The little green camper is adorable! Thanks for sharing your photos. I’ve been looking at several blogs with pictures but I love the larger size of yours. 😉

Becca Sutton - love the table!
love the red N!
love the read kitchen chair…on the hunt for that.
but the thing I love the most? the green truck! or is it a combine? either way, it’s the right color for this family!

next year.
next year, FOR SURE, it will be me sleeping with you instead of bedbugs! : )


Keshet - Oh man, I have to find something like this in NJ! Or maybe I should buy a house first, lol:)

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