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In one week, I will have been in my loft studio for ten years.

Ten great years, with lots of changes, and solid business growth.

God prepared me through a series of very humble jobs before I started a full-time photography career.

Those humble jobs were my training ground more than any formal or informal studies I’ve done.

Study is necessary, but attitude and life experience are golden.

That is, if we learn the lessons.

If we refuse the lessons of life, we keep getting hard knocks until we get it.

Treating others as we want to be treated, The Golden Rule is a necessary lesson.

AND it’s biblical. 

I don’t think I’m special and don’t mean to sound preachy, I just want to encourage anyone who is working a humble job, with dreams of doing a job they are passionate about…that it is possible.

It all starts with gratitude and hope.

Hating your current job, but staying stuck because of fear of failure, is a bad spot to be in, but it’s a choice most of the time.

The lives we are living right now, are the result of our choices…with the exception of health or tragedy.

But even in poor health and tragedy, we still make a choice to live with certain attitudes. 

I know so many people who are fighting cancer right now, but they are doing it with such grace, dignity and tenacity.

It makes me want to be like them!

I started off this post, just wanting to say I am grateful for such amazing clients,

but, I went off on a topic that I am so passionate about: encouraging people to live a life that honors God and who He created each one of us to be. 

It’s interesting that I am sharing photos of beautiful, happy Junie today…because if I had a child in the school system right now, Junie’s parents would be my dream teachers and coaches.

I have no doubt they are the best!

I love that at six months, she is looking right at the camera in this moment! 

God bless!

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