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I know that every couple has a story, and that their story is unique and special…

but this couple has a love story that feels like it was always destiny. 

They knew each other in college, both of them worked at Baker’s and had some mutual friends. 

Jeff may have even asked her out on a date during that time and she may have declined.

Both went on with their lives and years later reconnected…

and they seem as if they were destined to be together.

Their wedding day was filled with so many beautiful details, but the most meaningful aspect that stood out to me was the intimacy.

Every guest was special and deeply connected to this couple.

We could feel it.

They not only truly love each other, but they ADORE the people in their lives.

Kim clearly loved her dad and wanted to honor him on her wedding day.

She took time before family photos to share with her immediate family that she had commissioned to have her dad’s watch remade into a watch for her to wear for the very first time at her wedding.

Kim and her mom wore necklaces that were gifts from their husbands.

Kim also had a piece from her dad’s clothing and charms of him on her bouquet.

Jeff’s Nonie escorted by his boys. Superheroes every single one.

Jeff and Kim enjoy brewing beer and as a surprise for each other, they each created a special wedding brew for one another. 

Jeff’s Nonie was the inspiration for her brew for him.  Grandpa’s tie!
The moms.

Wishing Jeff and Kim all the best!

Wedding Venue:  Castle Unicorn  |  Florals:  All Season Floral

Wedding Dress:  Ready or Knot  |  Cake: Cakes for You by Kari Lou

DJ:  Conrad Kiel (He kept the party going very well!)




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