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it's been a good one…

this labor day weekend. oh and happy labor day! i hope you are enjoying it as much as tom and i. we stayed home friday night, tom grilled a huge steak, i made roasted potatoes and onions, and a yummy dinner salad with t’s homemade dressing (i need to encourage her to post her salad dressing and thai braised beef recipes). after dinner, i edited for a few hours….we got up bright and early saturday morning and headed out on our daytrip adventure. we both love to hit the road with a sort of destination in mind, but nothing that isn’t flexible, if something along the way catches our eye. tom had heard about a couple of flea markets that were on the way to our destination. our destination was my very favorite antique mall in the midwest, which happens to be in the same town as a harley dealership that tom likes. i won’t be posting the antique mall, because it’s a big secret! i do take friends there, but only if they are blindfolded all the way there : ) the flea markets were NOT good. we both envisioned “deliverance” banjo playing in our heads. we walked and walked through the tables piled with junk, but didn’t find even one thing that was a possibility. we laughed and enjoyed our time together anyway. our original destination was a little disappointing for tom because the harley dealership he wanted to check out was closed for the holiday. we did make it to a mom and pop barbecue joint that we like and had a fabulous lunch. the antique mall was our last stop and even though i only spent $6…i found tons of inspiration and came home ready to change things up around the house. i scoped out vintage chandeliers and now i know what i want (and probably should have bought the one i found). saturday night we met up with donna and jamie and watched nebraska play. tom was falling asleep in the booth, so we left at the end of the third quarter. (we do lead quite an exciting life!) yesterday, we spent the day at church, lunch with the steinbachs (former church members who moved to tennesee 4 years ago), and then came home and worked outside doing a bit of fall cleanup and getting the pool ready to close. i also did some paper crafting that i’m really pleased with (i’ll photograph and share tomorrow) and took down my summer seasonal decor and pulled out the few fall things i have. i love fall, but i don’t have too many fall decorations. i think i need to make some. last night, tom and i went and picked up grey and took him to the park for his one year photos, just the three of us. when we put him in his carseat in our backseat and started to pull out of their driveway, he was giggling like crazy! it was like he really got that we were going on an adventure-so cute! pop was a great help and i think all three of us had an awesome time! now i just need to load and edit the photos…but at least they are taken (2 weeks later!). i’ll share those soon too. today, tom is on a long ride, which is why i’m posting on a holiday, and i plan to edit and work on some projects around the house. tonight, i’m doing a shoot of rob and chelsea and their family, on our way out to the lake for a pontoon ride/dinner/mourn the end of summer/celebrate the end of weekend lakers with our former neighbors! it’s been a great holiday weekend!

since i didn’t do a post on friday, i didn’t get to say publicly-“happy birthday jake”! our grandson jake is 8 years old now! we’ll be celebrating his and alexis’ birthdays later this month.


we stopped by and saw them on wednesday night and jake said the sweetest thing. i asked him what he might like for his birthday and he said, “i don’t really know, but you always get me great stuff”. that melted my heart! we really are so blessed to have such great kids and grandkids. love you jake!

the day before i went to chicago, i met taliza and mateo at the loft for mateo’s first photoshoot. i not only fell in love with this beautiful baby boy, i feel like his mama and i clicked well too.



i love shallow depth of field toesies shots.










taliza and mateo drove about 3 hours to get to the loft. it was their first outing since his birth, so i am honored that they chose me to do his first photos! i hope you like them taliza!

tomorrow, the *b* list will be a fall cleaning list. my own personal list…which i plan to print out and use!

enjoy this labor day and God bless!

tara pollard pakosta - that baby is so adorable, gotta love the hair!
these look even better than i saw them on the back of
the camera!!! of course!
jake is sooooo CUTE! happy birthday jake! he sure is adorable with his longer hair!!!
have a great day! I will be bugging you on yahoo to see greys’ photos LOL! tara

Sherri - Oh Becky, that flea market wasn’t in Sparks, was it? I had the same feeling walking through there on Friday as you describe!

Meg - Sounds like your weekend was awesome! Sad about the flea markets. I love finding inspiration. That little baby is adorable. Love the hair!! Hope you have a great week! 🙂

Erin - Becky, beautiful photos of Mateo! I knew you’d do an amazing job. Don’t you just want to eat him up?

Chelsea - Precious baby! He is just scrumptious!

Norma - every shot of this little guy was fabulous! he’s super adorable. i need cleaning inspiration so I’m going to print out your b list too. i’m patiently waiting. peace. n.

Auntie Jaynee - What a little ‘dolly’! Love the baby pictures!!

teliza - love em! and thanks again for your time and getting us in at the last minute. mateo and i both loved the experience and getting to know you! don’t know which my fave is yet…..:)the toesie shot is right up there. 🙂
God bless to you, becky!

kamie - wow!!! this baby is so beautiful and you have some amazing shots!! makes me melt –

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