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in hindsight…

this week has been awesome. I had to reflect on it to appreciate how truly wonderful it has been. I could reflect on the few negative things, but after reading some very thought provoking readings this morning, that wouldn’t be smart. Here’s the thing that I’ve been thinking. If you constantly find the negatives in your life, you will live a negative life. I’ve seen it happen in my life, and I see it in others. Of course, I’m not advocating ignoring important issues. I just think sometimes we are too busy focusing on the itty bitty little negatives and ignoring all the really great things we have in our lives. Talking to someone who is going through something truly heartbreaking can make daily frustrations look petty real fast.

Reflecting on the good things this week.

A photo session with Alexis. I had such a good time hanging out with her. Just the two of us. She is so much fun to be with! We laughed our heads off! I’ll be sharing some images from our session soon. You can see one of my faves on a layout here.

I spent time creating for the JBS gallery (see link above) I thoroughly enjoyed my time and I didn’t cry once. My Sophie dog’s absence still makes me sad, but I’m dealing. I did really enjoy the process of creating. I also watched “Letters to Julia” while I worked. Cute movie.

Dinner with my daughter-in-law Beth. It was so nice to have one on one time with her and talk. Of course we talked a lot of baby talk : )

My closet re-do. It’s still making me smile.

Lunch with Vicki. We met at the Loft and I took her new headshot…check it out, I think she looks beautiful! She brought the most delicious chicken salad and banana nut muffins. Yum. There wasn’t even a moment’s lull in our conversation. Love her.

Having Jared stop for lunch 3 times. I love when he pops in and we get to spend a little time catching up. I don’t care how old your children are, it’s always the best to have them at home…even for a little while.

Survivor night with my Tommy. I made one of his favorite dinners-Parmesan Chicken Legs and mashed potatoes. We enjoyed our little comfort dinner and then our one show that we enjoy together.

Fish Tacos with Kelly. I love when I get a “lunch email” from Kelly. Her spontaneous nature just makes me so happy. Fish tacos and Kelly = a good day.

Consistent walks. I’m back on the wagon. I’ve walked 3 times this week. The crazy thing is that I’ve lost 2 pounds! I know that sitting at my computer editing the days away, means that I HAVE to be mindful to exercise. I feel SO much better when I’m walking anyway.

Spending the day with Brooke, Harper, Grey and my Mom. That makes me extremely happy! We’re having lunch together and shopping for an outfit for Brooke….and she never shops for herself! I already have ideas!

Sushi with Suzy tonight! One of my favorite rituals. Seriously, it’s become iconic for our friendship.

How could I ever complain? Life is good. God has blessed me beyond my comprehension. So even when “bad” things happen, I trust that He will work them together for our good.

Last weekend, I photographed baby Taylor and her parents. Such a great looking and sweet family!





img_3010-web Katryna was in John and Ashley’s wedding last summer.




img_3055-web img_3059-web




img_3112-web This one melts me.

I hope you have a great weekend! Look for the good.

God bless you!

Karen Fitzgibbons - Awesome family !!! But Taylor takes my breathe away…too cute for words! Becki you did a wonderful job-knew you would…
I was reading your blog & all your dinner/lunch dates & thought oh my…time has gotten away & I need to find my friend & head to lunch…
I am right there with you and doing the all positive approach to life & living & I feel it is so working for me & my to is short to be negative & we all could be worse off…so let’s enjoy life, family and friends…

Leonie-Australia - Glad you have had a good week Becky, hope your weekend is the same. Beautiful photos & what a little cutie.

jamie - may i ask what photo editing software you prefer?

mandiegirl - What a precious little babe! Her hair is gorgeous! Hope you have a great weekend Becky!

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