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i love my life…

this morning, I’ve been putzing around the house, doing my normal routine and more aware than ever of how happy I am. I am never bored, I always have a project going and my projects these days are typically things that I enjoy. Sure, there are things that I HAVE to do that aren’t my favorite, but that’s life. I’m just trying to be aware of even the simple things and where I’ve come from, to finally be living the life that I’ve chosen…not settling for less. I guess at my age, it’s about time!

This week I spent the first part of the week working hard, hardly leaving the house. The second half of this week, I am planning to do lots of socializing….bagels in the morning and a train ride with family and friends last night, a little housewarming get together today, then sushi with Suzy tonight and this weekend lots of time with family. I am savoring every moment. I read this quote this morning:

“Are the people you surround yourself with affirming and confirming? We don’t need anyone to remind us how difficult and tough life is. We need encouragement to face every day.” Alexandra Stoddard

I concur. I think in addition to this, we need to ask ourselves if we are affirming and confirming people ourselves. I also read this quote this morning:

“Morning by morning He wakens me and opens my understanding to His will”. Isaiah 50:4

That’s very affirming, right? That’s why I love to read the Word. It is such a solid base.

I am absolutely delighted to be back at the Loft more often and getting outside to shoot little by little. I took photos of baby Grace about a year ago….and now she is a little girl-




I’ve been anxious to use the vintage book page backdrop…and I specifically took my vintage suitcases (aka nightstand in our guest room) for this day’s shoots. Her bare little toesies couldn’t look cuter.


This time I got to photograph Grace’s brother and sister too….and they are equally cute : )


Brady reminded me so much of Payton, Grif and Jake….typical boy.


This last shot of Grace is one of my very favorite shots ever!!!!


I say it almost daily and I mean it with every fiber of my being, I love my job!

I have several fun things to share photography related, but I am out of time today, so I’ll share them tomorrow! I need to get things together and head out for the day!

God bless each of you!

Tara - Hi ~ you don’t know me, however I read your blog each week. Just wanted to let you know that your photos are amazing and that I love your outlook on life! So inspiring to others!! Thank you!!

Renae - I can’t say enough how much I love the book backdrop…perfect.

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