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all day. I am a homebody at heart, so I’m very content with a day at home. I’ll be working the whole day away, taking breaks to go for a walk and read a blog or two. The beauty of working at home can also be the pitfall. Typically, I’m disciplined enough and have deadlines that won’t allow me to take too many breaks. I am making a man friendly dinner of roast beef, potatoes and carrots, mainly because I’ve made a lot of new recipes lately that may not be as man friendly…at least that’s the feeling I get from Tom. Plus, I would like to use items we have on hand right now. Why is it so gratifying to use what’s in the pantry? Brooke and I were just talking about that yesterday. There was an article in the paper about 6 months ago about a local couple who decided to live on only what they had in their pantry and fridge for as long as they could. They made occasional trips to the grocery for perishable items, but they were very disciplined about the few things they added to what they had. No dining out either. Very inspiring. I’m not sure that I have the desire to take it to that level, but kudos to them. Not only did they save a lot of money, they also both lost weight. I try to use what we have because I HATE  to throw food away. I’m not a “clean your plate” kinda girl, but I hate taking things out of the fridge and throwing them in the garbage. Last night, I had to throw away a pint of fresh blackberries that I bought the day before….I’m still sorta bitter about that.

Have you tried the granola recipe yet? Holy cow. It is so good. The recipe makes 9 cups, so it lasts for a long time. I’ve been eating a few spoonfuls a day on either my yogurt and fruit or frozen yogurt…or by itself. By the way, I almost wish I had small children in my house, just so I could do muffin tin meals. My friends Denise, Mel and Tara do this and I just love the concept. I’m pretty sure Tom wouldn’t consider it manly : ) I might just do this for me anyway…not as a meal necessarily…it just seems like a great way to know exactly what you’re eating throughout the day. Another thing about working at home is that food is available all the time, so every time I walk through the kitchen, I seem to grab something. I may not be sitting down to eat a meal until evening, but I’m definitely not going without eating!

I’m chatty today.

I have more engagement peeks. After taking prom photos Saturday, I took Blake and Angie’s engagement photos. Blake is Donna and Jamie’s oldest son, and he and Angie will be getting married in July. I can hardly wait! Angie is an artist and has lots of great DIY projects planned and under way for the big day. Things are going so well for these two, it just makes me smile thinking about them! Blake graduated from Tech School, Angie got her degree as well and landed a job as an art teacher locally. They also just bought a house! They made it just in time for the tax credit. So happy for them! I wanted to find a location that would suit them and was so pleased with myself when I got my nerve up and knocked on a little farmhouse door  and asked if I could use their spread for a shoot. The lady who answered the door was so sweet and I think even a little flattered that I would want to use her land. It is so beautiful….with a plethora of great backdrops for photos!



img_9408-web img_9427-web




img_9362-web I’m so happy for these two!

God bless your day!

NANCY DARE - Great photos Becky!…love the peeling old red paint-old wood…cute couple..congrats to them!

Tammy - These are great photos! They look wonderful!

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