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I haven’t done an updated home tour for a while, so since I just finished rearranging and updating, I thought I should snap a few photos before I start another project. There are a few details that I’m waiting to finish up, but for the most part it’s done for now.

When we moved into this house, we knew there were things that we wanted to change immediately and other things we could live with for a while. One thing that I disliked, but knew we would have to live with for a while were the popcorn ceilings throughout the house. Two and a half years ago, after having lived with them for 5 years, we had them resurfaced. HUGE undertaking. Even though we paid to have it done, we had to move every thing from every room. PLUS, we had to have everything repainted, including not only the resurfaced ceilings, but every wall too. It was expensive and intense, but it really made a huge difference. The updated look made everything look so much cleaner. This house was built in 1979, so there are quite a few things that I would still like to change, but most of them probably won’t happen while we’re here. One thing I would love to change are the railings. But since it’s probably not happening on our watch, I’ll live with them. Another thing I knew we wanted to change eventually, were the light fixtures. I took my time and perused antique shops and flea markets, until I found the petite chandelier in our entryway. Our electrician rewired it for me and made many trips to Hobby Lobby in search of just the right spray paint for the chain. Jim from Brad’s Electric did all of our new to us light fixtures and everything he touched was done with excellence. I just moved the collage canvas from the dining room to the entry. At first I wasn’t sure about the “hello, we’re kissing” look right as people enter our house, but then I just laughed and thought, “that’s us and I can do whatever I want in my house”! The sweet little chair in the entry has a custom slipcover made by my friend Kelly, which I love! I need to trim the strings from the original seat off the bottom. I found the crewel stitched pillow in a second hand store. Excuse my messy desk in the background!

M18A9870 web


When we first bought this house, I thought I wanted to change this floor, but after living with it, I’ve grown to be okay with it for now. The rug in the entry is from Urban Outfitters.

M18A9871 web


The dresser is from Second Chance in downtown Omaha, where I picked it up for $20 quite a few years ago. The tiny little globe is a favorite of mine…Tom’s sister Kathy sent it to me years ago. I’ve been collecting globes for a long time, even before it was the thing to do. I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $10 for a globe! The cake stand is Fostoria and was my Gram’s. Every birthday cake from my first birthday until my 35 was on this cake stand!

M18A9872 web

At the top of the three steps into my living room to the left. I recently moved the dropleaf table from the rail over behind the couch. Simple change, but I like it. I’ve had apothacary jars on this table for a long time and was ready for a change, so I used other things I had to restyle. The wall has been this way for quite a while and I still like it. I’m looking for a few more specific letters for my vintage laundry basket. I like to have fun little things to watch for as I go to flea markets. So it’s okay with me if my house isn’t “done”. I’ve collected vintage picnic baskets and tins for a long time too and recently started selling the overabundance…what I have, I want to be appreciated and not just part of a pile or collection.

M18A9874 web


The apothecary jar that I left on the table is filled with the kids baby shoes and mine too. Makes me happy! The living room and dining room are one L shaped room, which I wasn’t thinking I would really love when we bought the house. Turns out, I do love it. This floor plan just works for us and how we live. I can meet with friends or clients in this part of the house and Tom can be in our family room on the same level and you wouldn’t even know it.

M18A9876 web This is the view of the living room when standing in the dining room. I love that we have a large window in each room and light floods in. I need to find a new rug for the living room and I think I know what I want. I did have a thick fluffy pink shag rug here for a few years, but on Christmas Eve Scooter got into scalloped corn and got really sick all over the carpet. It went to the dump, there was no cleaning it up. I didn’t pay much for it, so it wasn’t too heartbreaking. This room was empty for the first two years we lived here. I knew what I wanted but either couldn’t find it or couldn’t afford it. Finally saved and found the couch at Ethan Allen’s with washable slipcovers. The ottoman is also from Ethan Allen’s and is custom. I paid a little more than I probably should have, but it was exactly what I wanted and I haven’t regretted it. The gold chair was an inexpensive find in St Joseph Missouri at an antique mall. The cream linen chair is from the Santa Monica Flea Market. When I was there a few years ago as the official photographer for Kim Caldwell’s Artistic Bliss event, I was blessed to get to go to the Flea. I bought the chair and paid as much to have it shipped as I did for the chair. After I gave them all of my information and paid cash, I walked away without an invoice. I was so excited to have found it, that I didn’t cover my bases. One day after I got back to Nebraska, I was on a walk and realized that I may never see that chair. As I approached my house, I saw a huge crate on my front porch. I got lucky! Here in the Midwest, we have wonderful primitive and pine antiques, but very few European pieces, so what I paid including shipping was a steal for the midwest. We pay high dollar for anything European.

M18A9877 web


I bought the little off-white reproduction chest about 25 years ago and I still really like it. The large frame on the wall with our whole family (yay!) is an Organic Bloom frame. If you are interested, I can hook you up. They only sell to professional photographers and I happen to have a wholesale account.

M18A9878 web I love original art and that’s about all I have in my house. The whimsical pet portrait that is in the foreground on the table with the vintage pitcher was done by my friend Denise. I ADORE it. I’ve given these as gifts to our kids and my bestie (of their dogs) and think they make the best gifts. The canvas on the easel was painted by me and isn’t anything special, but I wanted something custom in simple white/gray, so I painted it. All four of our kids’ wedding photos are on the top of the white chest and have been for as long as they’ve been married. I only took one of the photos and that’s the one of Jared and Beth. The moose head was my friend Kelly’s and I bartered for it after she didn’t have a spot for it. I intended to have it at the Loft, but it hasn’t made it there yet. The camera blackboard print was a gift from Kelly. She has GREAT taste!

M18A9880 web


I picked up the basket chairs in Earlham at Rescued Junk. If you haven’t been there, you need to go!

M18A9881 web


My beloved dining room table is from Restoration Hardware and was one of my splurges. I love the mix of inexpensive with higher end pieces. I think it’s a little boring to do all of one of the other. I like a healthy mix! The gray dresser/buffet was only $20 at the Estate Dispersal store. It was peach with gold accents when I bought it. I liked the gold accents and asked Tom to preserve them if he could when he painted it. I love the gold handles too. The cream sap bucket was my Gram’s and she always used it to put her cut flowers from her garden in, just to get them in the house before she arranged them in vases. I like them empty or full. They work so well with branches too.

M18A9882 web


Recent wall grouping that I shared with an iphone photo on IG. Happy with it for now…totally different from what I originally planned for this wall. The silver plated tray has Tom’s Dad Joe’s name and top sales award engraved on it.

M18A9883 web


Another view of the dining room

M18A9884 web


Disregard the uneven wall hangings. I used nails that were already on the wall to temporarily hang the pink canvas. Need to move it soon! The buffet was my birthday gift from Tom about 12 years ago. It’s filled with primarily vintage dishes of my Gram and Great Grandmas from both sides of the family. I did purchase a set of Staffordshire ย English Village dishes years ago for a song too.

M18A9885 web


The daisies in the vases are from our backyard…we have an abundance of daisies! I have this fascination with old used paint brushes. Can’t stop picking them up whenever I see them!

M18A9886 web


My very favorite vintage art in my home. I walked by this framed canvas every day for months when I went to the Loft a few years ago. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. One Sunday afternoon, I walked right in and bought it! So happy that I did. I rarely regret spending money on art that touches me. I love to look at this piece. Makes me feel good every time.

That’s it my friends. Nothing amazing, but totally me. I love my home and this part of it represents me well. The family room is all Tom, so don’t feel bad for him!

The house overall is coming along nicely, but it’s definitely still a work on progress. I hope to share a room once a month…to motivate me to keep going!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!



Suzelle - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your beautiful home. So inviting and homey. Love all your cool touches. Makes me want to go and rearrange my own. Thanks for sharing Becky ๐Ÿ™‚

admin - Thank you so much Suzelle!

Leonie-Australia - Your home looks lovely, cosy, warm friendly all the ways I could imagine you making people feel when they visit!

Becky J - Hello Becky…what a delightful home you have! Thank you for sharing…three words come to mind: homey, joyous and blessed! I cannot wait to tour the rest..spurs me on to rearrange my nest ๐Ÿ™‚

Becky J - p.s. I would love to subscribe by email, but it says it’s not enabled?

admin - what feed do you use? google reader, newsbar? Let me know and I’ll see if I can help!

melanie - so loved reading this as a break from packing. we have different styles but so fun to get your thought process behind what you love. and love what you did with the shoes!

btw – my sister lives in st. joe. if you’re ever there to do photos, let me know!

Susan - I love that everything in your home has a special meaning to you. Thank you for sharing! Its lovely, homey and cozy

Renae - Love: the globes (sigh), the paint brush under the cloche (seriously GENIUS!), the basket chairs, the arrows, the ottoman/coffee table, the cross art, the silver tray. Gosh, this is amazing. It all looks so comfy and cozy. Love it all. It feels like one giant hug…good job lady!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ashley - Becky! Your home is beautiful and just what I’d expect it to look like! And I must admit… what I’d hope mine might look like someday, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for sharing.

Julie - Nice updates, Becky. Thanks for the ‘plug’!

admin - Absolutely! I’m so happy with our barter!

krista - I have followed your work for years all the way from Virginia, and I just want to say you are my style and decorating idol! Love this room. Take good care- Krista

admin - Thanks Krista!

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