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I haven’t been as chatty lately? It wasn’t that long ago, that I was posting lots and lots of my thoughts and ideas, but lately, I’ve been much less wordy. That’s because I’m realizing how much time it takes. Sharing at a deeper level takes much more commitment and time than just posting pretty pictures.

For quite a few months now, and maybe longer, I’ve been trying to get more organized, and that takes a lot of time too. Last night, as I was editing and processing images, I cleaned out the lower half of my desk. I’ve cleaned out my desk a few times this year, but last night, I took everything out of every drawer and did a much more thorough job. In the past few weeks, I’ve done this type of overhaul on my coat closet, my overflow closet at the end of our family room and my bedroom closet. But after seeing Jamie Lee Curtis on the Nate show last week and hearing her philosophy on her clothes closet, I’ve been pondering. Her suggestion was to take your spring/summer closet of clothes and pack as if you’re going on a 2 week trip. My vision is to pull everything you would pack and lay it out on the bed. Then she suggests that you get rid of everything that is left. Crazy, huh? Then do the same with your fall/winter wardrobe. Her philosophy is that if you don’t LOVE it, you won’t wear it. Thus, it’s just taking up space and cluttering your life. I’m not sure if I’m ready to do something this extreme, but I’m contemplating it. I just know how awesome it feels to love what you have and not be burdened with things that you don’t love. I’ve also recently been hearing a lot about changing out your clothes hangers and instead of using the old clunky plastic hangers, to replace them with flocked hangers. I’m going to check it out today. I remember quite a few years ago, being at Ikea with Jeanette Herdman and Becca Sutton, and hearing Jeanette sing the praises of wood hangers. She got rid of all of her wire and plastic hangers and replaced them with wood. Less space, more uniformity. I am just super motivated by anything that improves the visual aesthetic and lightens the load. I’m intrigued by great looking, organized spaces, I just haven’t completely achieved it yet!

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a week ago that I came home from Minneapolis. I’ve lived a lot of life this past week! While I was in Minneapolis, I met the nicest, most geniune family. Renee is a college friend of my friend Jamie…that’s how she found my blog and thus ended up having me take family photos.

img_2394-web Emmett is such a sweet kid. He’s pretty cute too : )


img_2454-web Ivan seemed to enjoy the day too.

img_2459-web Classic little family.



img_2484-web Favorite.


img_2586-web Since they drove up from Mason City and I wasn’t familiar with the area, we had quite a fun time finding a location! The place we ended up was a little out of the ordinary, but it worked out really well!

God bless your day!

Tammy - These are really sweet photos! What a lovely family! I love the photos of the parents with the focus on the little boy. You even got the dog in the background! That can’t be easy to do. We all know that dogs don’t always stop for camera! Great job!

Jamie Olson - LOVE THEM! So glad it worked out that you all were able to meet up!

Keshet - I’ve also been busy organizing–it’s been crazy!

Patti Mullican - I am a big believer in uniform hangers. I don’t use just one kind, but I do use the same type of hanger for the same type/weight of clothing. I do love the flocked hangers. Things stay put and they allow you to hang quite a bit in a space. I have been on a de-cluttering journey for awhile now although to look around tonight you’d wonder! You can see pics of my closet make-over on my blog. :)Its definitely a journey for me/our family, but we keep at it. I love Jamie Lee Curtis’s idea-I think I may try that when I get out my fall clothes. I seem to where the same core pieces all the time anyway.

Renee - We love the pictures, Becky! Thank you for capturing such great images and for being such a pleasure to work with!!!

erin yamabe - i truly enjoy coming to your blog, becky. whatever you wish to share is a blessing!

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