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i feel like there is so much going on, i am having a tough time remembering things that i want to mention here. i guess that’s not a bad thing! i’ll just hit the highlights.

  • tom traded his harley in last night. when he blew his shoulder out early this summer, we sort of knew this was coming. when i asked dr ehly how likely it would be that tom would be recovered enough to do sturgis, and we discussed tom’s bike and the ape hanger handlebars, we knew this day was probably coming. so tom has been looking and test riding different bikes to find one that might work with his messed up shoulders. (he is doing physical therapy and doing well…we’ll find out if he needs surgery next week)anyway, he ended up getting a 2008 road king and he says there’s a reason it’s called a road king. very comfortable riding bike. not as loud as his softtail classic, but with vance and hines oval exhaust, it does have decent sound. on the ride home, we were laughing because we can actually talk and hear each other now! it’s a much more comfy ride for me, so who knows, maybe i’ll ride more? before i load a photo of the new bike, i have to put a plug in for dillon bros harley. they are so good to us! we have bought a number of harleys over the past 10 years from them and they treat us right! while i’m plugging their harley dealership, i can say the same for their car dealerships-sid dillon. i might be a little biased on this, because our son-in-law joshua works there, and jared just started working there, but it is true. tom and i are very into great customer service and they have it. when tom had one of his first bikes years ago, before anyone knew him by name (he’s now a regular there and everyone knows him sorta like “cheers”)he had his bike in for service and while he was just waiting around for it, the owner sid dillon came in and asked what he was waiting for. tom told him he was having his bike serviced and sid set him up in a brand new truck for the day. of course, tom will never look back after that! we love their customer service! plus, i am very impatient when dealing on vehicles and doing paperwork, and they are fast! we were in and out of the business office in minutes last night. so if you are thinking about buying a harley, go to dillon bros and ask for mike kincannon (he’s a good guy and our neighbor) and if you go to dillon chevy, ask for jared (josh is in finance, so there’s no competition!). oh and if you ask for jared, PLEASE tell him his mama sent you! anyway, here is tom’s new ride:


it does have a sissy bar and windshield, but tom likes to ride it without.

  • my dear friend becca is very involved in jdrf (juvenile diabetes research foundation) and so every year she organizes and participates in events to raise money. because of becca’s involvement, i am involved…her passion is contagious, plus i believe it’s important. so saturday, august 1st, there will be a walk to raise awareness and money. if you would like to donate and sponsor me, please click here: thank you in advance!
  • this weekend is my class reunion, so i’m looking forward to seeing my longtime friend terri vogt focht and her husband mike. tom is glad mike will be there! plus, i’m looking forward to seeing classmates who i haven’t seen in years. i may take my camera?
  • i’ve done many shoots in the last weeks which i’m anxious to share peeks with you. today my cousin kelly came out with her husband larry and their granddaughter cassidy for a shoot. we went out to the farm that my dad and cassidy’s great grandma grew up on and found a plethora of cool spots! tom met us for lunch at my favorite little sandwich shop around the corner from the loft.
  • tonight tom and i are going to the dance production “annie” which our granddaughters molly and alexis are in. i can’t wait! normally, i am traveling during their summer production, so it’s a treat for me to be in town!

i’m sure that mallory and scott (and their families) are ready to see a few sneak peeks from their big day! here you go-


such great blue eyes!



i love this girl! i took her senior photos back when i used film! i think she is my first senior photo client to get married and have me do her wedding photos. so cool.




the location of these last shots is significant because it was mallory’s grandparent’s farm, and is now her parent’s farm. it’s a great spot! another really touching aspect of the day was that mallory’s grandma was able to come to the wedding. i don’t think there was a dry eye when dorothy was around-


i think she looked beautiful!


he’s kissin’ all the girls!








as always there are so many more shots that i want to share, but i’m completely out of time!

have a wonderful weekend and God bless!

Jessica T - The new bike is pretty! My FIL (father in law) has a motorcycle shop (servicing bikes) and he had a Road King. He got a new bike last year and it is one of the anniversary bikes. My MIL (mother in law) has her own bike too now, although it scares me because she isn’t the best driver in a car..haha! We used to have a bike until the 2nd kiddo…so we are bikeless for a while. You guys have fun on it…and be safe. Wear helmets…they definitely save lives. My hubby wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his helmet 🙂

emma - ok tom, i am LOVING your new bike… It looks so tough! lol.

GREAT wedding shots becky… i liked the last 2 🙂

becca - LOVE the new bike…so tough.
And I love the farm shots–so awesome!

Thanks so much for your help, my friend–and thank you for believing that we WILL know a cure soon!

Love you.

Renae - In my dreams I would have had a cape cod wedding followed very closely by a farm wedding…I love the feel and the boots with the bouquet was awesome! And seeing Grandma made me a little teary. It is truly special to have grandparents at a wedding, I was lucky enough to have all but one at mine. Now that they’re all gone it makes it that much more special. Thanks as always…

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