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hadley at 9 months. {beckynovacekphotography} Baby Photographer. Fremont Nebraska.

If you read yesterday’s post, you know that I am on a decluttering mission right now…along with carrying on with CHA projects and the normal editing routine. I simply can not handle the way things have gotten so unorganized as life became more and more busy. On the day before Christmas Eve, I was sitting at my desk editing and I opened my junkĀ  desk drawer and I couldn’t get it open and then once I got it open, I couldn’t close it. I pulled the whole thing out and dumped everything on the floor…I was done dealing with it as it was! Thus the need to purge. So, I made a list of 30 areas of my home (posted it yesterday) and proceeded to dig in. My makeup basket and basement TV cabinet are organized and one box was taken to Goodwill, along with giving a TV away. The project is called, 30 days 30 bags and this is the third time that I’ve organized a group of like minded individuals to encourage each other as we organize. This year, if you are joining us and if you’re on Instagram, feel free to post your before and after photos with the hashtag: 30days30bags. We’ll be encouraging each other and hopefully finding inspiration as we see each other’s accomplishments.

Today, the area I’m taking on is HUGE. I posted the before photo on IG. My basement is the area of my home that is driving me the most crazy, so I’m starting there. I’m taking on small parts of the basement each day, which makes it much more doable for me and my OCD cleaning ways. I’m going to feel so good when it’s in order! That’s my motivation!

Last week, I photographed two cute sisters. The session was really Hadley’s 9 month session, but Merrick was there for a couple of sister shots. Last time I photographed them, M was totally photo bombing H’s individual shots! I think I included one of those shots in the peek. This time, M was more standoffish and helped make H smile.

M18A0048 web

Her boots…I die.

M18A0056 web

M18A0072 web


M18A0087 cos web LOVE.

M18A0106 web

M18A0113 web


M18A0115 web


M18A0126 web


M18A0157 web


M18A0175 web


Sister had to have a couple shots!

M18A0207 web


M18A0220 bw web CAN NOT even handle the sweetness of this shot.

God bless your day!



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