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friday already…

even as things slow down, the weeks still fly by. i am feeling so upbeat and positive about so many good things that are happening….if only the sun would come out. i am so incredibly tired of the gloomy days. it’s normally a lot more sunny here. in spite of that, there are many good things happening. some things that i’m particularly happy about:

  • a LONG lunch with cara yesterday. at one of my favorite places-paradise at regency. yummy squash soup with maple sour cream (just a touch) and pumpkin seeds, along with half a turkey cranberry sandwich. AND a chocolate chip cookie. but even more than the delicious lunch, i loved our conversation. so good for the soul. we talked about so many things and sort of zoned in on some ideas that we both have been thinking about photography-wise. i love to brainstorm ideas with her. i always leave our time together totally inspired and motivated.
  • window shopping. i did a lot of that yesterday too. it never fails to inspire me to want to create. all the beautiful displays just make me so happy. i also spent some time at sur la table, pondering my next cookware purchase. i’m loving the teal le creuset french ovens. our cooking club julia night is coming up in a week….
  • sushi with suzy. i had such a great social day yesterday. i met suzy last night for sushi at baby blu. we normally go to hiro, but decided to try something different last night. and it was good! we both like spicy tuna and lots of washibi, so we’re very compatible sushi buds. last night we ate every bite…there wasn’t a bit left. we also shared great conversation and some laughs. i came home last night feeling very refreshed and blessed. i really do enjoy my life. i didn’t feel one bit guilty about not working for a minute.
  • trying new recipes and having good groceries in the house. doesn’t it feel good when our fridges and pantries are well stocked? i love that feeling. tonight i plan to make pasta with roasted summer vegetables and basil, along with a seasoned chicken breast for tom and a yummy arugula salad with walnuts, tomatoes, cranberries and homemade chunky blue cheese dressing. i’ve actually made this pasta recipe one other time recently and may have shared the recipe link? some recipes that are in my pile to make in the next week or two – soy ginger chicken, strawberry cream cake, jennifer’s potato soup (which is absolutely amazing! i need to ask her if i can post her recipe here!), layered hamburger pie, thai braised beef (t’s awesome recipe!) and parmesan corn chowder (gigi’s recipe that i haven’t tried yet!). if i stick to my menu plan it will be great.
  • decluttering. i have gotten lots of cupboards and drawers sorted through. i’ve taken boxes to goodwill, listed quite a few items on craigslist and ebay and have things set aside for becca for her “crop for a cause” which benefits JDRF. so if you are one of the many crafter’s who are cleaning out and purging your supplies, consider donating to a very worthy cause and contact becca.
  • my pedometer. i wore one out last year and i’m working on my second one. i love being able to track my steps. 10,000 steps is the goal that most experts encourage. well with my long lunch and then sushi dinner, i didn’t make it to 10,000 yesterday. plus, i didn’t get a workout in, although i’m happy to say that i’ve worked out every other day this week! yay! my workouts have not exactly been killer, but at least i’m getting back into it. 
  • family photos. i finally am completely caught up with my family photos. they are all edited and many have been ordered as prints. in fact, i have 1000 photos on my dining room table right now! i’ve found so many treasures that i had overlooked when i initially loaded the photos. i’ll share a few-

july-18-09-554-bw-web  this photo of my mom and jared just fills me with emotion. i love it.






this shot grabbed me as i edited too.


i took a series of photos of them dancing. my man and his harley boots and manly-man-ness with the little princess.

november-8-09-047-web sept-18-09-254-web

candid and perfectly imperfect.

  • image boxes. oh how i love these.


i’ve wanted to order them for months and finally got it done.


the damask is available through a kit on 2peas designed by the fabulous rhonna…not sure if it’s still available, i bought it over a year ago. the design on the top of the white box is from swissmisshausdesign (love their products!). i plan to offer these proof boxes to my clients this year. i also plan to use them myself : )


and now, i’m off to have my brows done!

have a great weekend and God bless!

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the one of j and your mom is awesome!

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