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for real….

I’m re-doing my clothes closet. Not in a small way. It started out as replacing my hangers and decluttering. As I removed everything from my closet, I noticed how nasty the walls looked. Then I noticed that there’s a nasty popcorn ceiling. So I pulled a bandana on my head and proceeded to remove the popcorn. I feel a sense of something close to euphoria! Just getting rid of that ceiling and having an empty, clean space feels awesome. I’ve measured the space and I’m going to run out and try to find a shoe cubby for the floor. Then I plan to come home and paint. I just need to stick to the plan and follow through. Instead of having a word for 2011, I have a phrase-“follow through”. It’s appropriate for me. I know myself well. I start with a bang, but many times with projects around the house, I fizzle. So I am asking you to hold me accountable to follow through on this. I’ve taken photos of the “before” and even the ugly “during”….so if I don’t post the finished project, please ask. I need that accountability friends.

Last week, I photographed Cassie. I stand by the fact that I am so blessed to photograph such beautiful people. She couldn’t look bad if she wanted to!







img_2685-cos-web Even in the horrendous wind, Cassie looked good!




img_2775-web Love this one.

img_2799-web I love this one too.

Hope you are having a great Tuesday-I hope to have before and after shots of my closet soon!

God bless!

Traci - great shots becky. what a beautiful girl. i love the one with the wind.

Gina - “Follow through.” That’s a good one for me too. 🙂 I’ll hold you accountable because photos of your closet might motivate me! 😉

Shelley Haganman - These are so gorgeous!! Great work!

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