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family part 2…

It’s been so long since I’ve shared family images that I have to do it in 2 parts! But first I have a little giveaway : ) I haven’t done one forever and thought it was time that I said “thanks” in a small way. I appreciate every one of you! I bought “Flea Market Style” as soon as I spotted it at my local grocery. I knew I would love it, just knowing who was involved in it….Ki Nassauer, Matthew Mead, Linda McDonald, Heather Bullard….it was destined to be awesome! I can honestly say that I read it cover to cover-



I thought the funnel article was brilliant! I will be on the hunt for funnels at the next flea market I go to!

So, I spotted a copy of Flea Market Style at the grocery last week and picked it up for a special giveaway to someone who comments today. All I need from you is to say hey and tell me your favorite nickname for one of your loved ones. I adore nicknames and I’d love to hear your family favorite. I realize that FMS has been out since February, but since they sold out and the only copies available are the ones currently on newstands…and just because I think it’s worthy of a giveaway. AND, if you don’t win this copy and you don’t have a copy yet, run out and find it! It’s a little more pricey than the average mag, at $10, it’s well worth it! When I saw a copy on the desk at Dime Store Days(one of the antique shops right next to the Loft) I wasn’t surprised…they “get” it.

For the past few months, I’ve been purging and organizing, knowing that we would probably have our annual family garage sale this spring. For the past few years, we have done our garage sales together and I have to say it’s way more fun hanging out and sharing the work on the day of the sale. I have forced myself to be really strong and to get rid of things that I still like, but have an overabundance of. Case in point: my tin collection. I reorganized an area of my kitchenΒ a couple of days agoΒ and narrowed my collection of tin down to 10 pieces, which means that I am going to be putting quite a bit on our sale. Here’s a peek:



I think I have some pretty good stuff for the sale overall. No clothes, just vintage-y goodies, craft and scrapbook items and some home decor stuff. Someday, I’d like to be a vendor at one of the local flea markets…then I would actually clean out our storage bay!

I wanted to share a few more recent family shots…Easter, the UP train ride, and other random everyday shots. Tomorrow, I’m hoping to have a few of Molly’s 5 year photos to share. What an adorable little character she is. She just makes me smile!


The fact that all 4 children and 3 dogs are even in the frame is surprising with me having no other adult around to help.


He did this all afternoon.


Max is growing up.



Manning is so good with Max.


I’m surprised that Cinderella doesn’t have her gloves and tiara on.


Our nephew Kyle was the engineer on the UP train ride we went on last week. He is a recently married man with a stepson and baby girl on the way! Love this big guy.


Pop picked up the camera and got this shot. I like it.





It was a beautiful night and really made Tom and I think about taking a real train trip sometime.

Update on location shoot:

  • St Louis MO area….it’s looking promising. I just need 1 or 2 more families to confirm and it’s a go!
  • Spokane WA….no news…but I’m going regardless!
  • Cape Cod….sounds very promising! Please email me if you are interested!
  • Kearney NE….I think Kearney is a go! I would love to have a few more, since it’s so close!
  • San Fernando Valley CA…I received a phone call yesterday from a friend who I met via Creativity Inc asking about the possibility of having me come out for a family shoot! I would love for this to work out as well! So if you are in the LA/San Fernando Valley and you’re interested, let me know! Wendy has frequent flyer miles to get me there, so I’m fairly certain this will work out!

I am beyond thrilled at the possibility of doing more traveling and photographing families/seniors/newborns/weddings in different locations! So just let me know if you are truly interested.

Also, please be thinking of a local deserving family to receive a free photoshoot via this project. I will keep you posted on updates and when to start nominating.

Last night, we celebrated Miley’s birthday at Bonefish. We laughed and even cried a little. I am so blessed to have a group of friends with such a great connection. This weekend, I’m sure we will be laughing and having a great time together at Becca’s crop…which is going to be the BOMB!!! We are going to raise so much money for such a great cause and have the best time together in the process! This year is surpassing any other year as far as amazing giveaways, auctions, food, and awesome people to hang out with! Just in case you’re interested, I’m donating a free photoshoot…all you have to do is bid and win! The donations that have been coming in are stellar! Plus, the garage sale is always a huge hit. I don’t think there’s ever been a year that I haven’t bought things on the garage sale, which I think is sort of surprising considering I donate a bunch and already have a room full of craft supplies….but what I find at the sale, is many times things that you can’t find anymore, or just different than what I have. Have I made it clear enough that you need to be there? ha!

Long post, I know. Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win the Flea Market Style magazine!

God bless!

Megan - Thats so cool! We are trying to plan a train trip to Boise this summer- Isaac is in LOVE with all things train, plus it would mean that the kids wouldn’t have to be in carseats for the whole drive! Bonus!! We’ve called Isaac Buddy since before he was born….it’s kinda stuck. πŸ™‚ Nothing too exciting, but it still makes me feel the way I did when we used to call him that as he was kicking like crazy before he was born. πŸ™‚

tara pollard pakosta - when are you going to st. Louis?!
it’s only about 5-6 hours from me>!

Ann McAndrews - Hello Becky,

Love the photos of the kids and dogs……

Looking forward to seeing you at the crop…..

Need to gather a basket of Tastefully Simple for the silent auction.

Becca is such a sweetie…well everyone there that I have meet kelly, miley, people I met at the crop…..this year I will be more prepared.

Also looking forward to the Garage sale…I did find some unique items and paper last year.

See you Soon

Nancy D. - Loved all your family photos & that was a feat to get all 4 kids & the 3 dogs in one frame!…it’s something I’m continually trying to do when all our family is together..same number of kids & 6 dogs (from a Chihuahua to an Old English Mastiff) one nickname that immediately comes to mind is the one all the kids call me “Nanny” my little sisters first started calling me that & it has stuck through all the kids. That looks like a great magazine!

mandie - I call my hubby sugar- nothing original, but mine all the same. πŸ™‚

Nicole Worley - For some reason my husband and I have so many nicknames for our 4 kids- It’s a wonder they know their own given names! I love
J-Berrypie for my oldest daughter, Julia and Ella Bella for my youngest daughter, Ella Grace. My husband comes up with some real “doozies” I must say! I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your spirit of generosity and zest for life- It’s a bright spot in my week!

Jen Pitta - Hi Becky,
I have sort of an interesting nickname for my hubby. I call him Mouse because at night right before we go to bed he always sneaks into the kitchen and I hear the crinkle, crinkle of a wrapper as he steals himself a little chocolat-y treat before bed. So I started saying there was a mouse in the kitchen and then it slowly became, “oh Mouse, what are you doing??” which of course then translated into just “Mouse”. So now sometimes even when he isn’t even sneaking a treat I (lovingly) refer to him as Mouse :o)

margie rowles - Becky,

I’d love to get my hands on this magazine. Just in case I don’t win I’m going to look for it when we head up to our family cottage in Michigan this weekend. hugs, Margie Rowles

Renae - I’m loving the family shots! And Max…he’s definitely a keeper. Funny thing, when we named our son Max, my grandma said, “That’s a dog name.” Thanks Nanny! πŸ™‚ Anyway, one of our nicknames for Owen is Oreo. Not sure why but I suppose it’s for his initials (ORR). But my uncle calls him “O Dog” so i’m not sure which one is worse! πŸ™‚

amy - Oh my goodness, Max reminds me so much of Oliver when Ollie was a puppy, so cute and Manning withhis paw over Max as they lay there, adorable!! We call Drew “Peaches” and we call Dawson either “Big D” or “D”.
Love all the photos! Wanted to also let you know that I have had a few more people see my canvases and loved them!!

jodi - We call our daughters “hotrod” & “spitfire”; “chuck” & “clyde”; “snerf-snerf” & “tator”. their real names are Wren & Linnea…I call my husband by our last name, Larson, and sometimes even put “Mr.” in front! Kooky, I know…..

Nancy Naylor - Becky
I have loved seeing your family pictures. You are blessed with a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.
One of my sons had an unusual sounding voice when he was a little boy. We went into an fruit stand one day and he asked the sales person a question. She answered him with “Well, Squeaky . . . We called him Squeaky for a long time after that.
He has since matured and lost the squeaky quality so the name no longer applies, but it was one of those nicknames that was so “right on” that everyone instantly started using “Squeaky” instead of Tyler.

Angel - Great shots! I have to say I am always in awww of your shots. We aren’t very original with nicknames so it’s the standard, honey, buddy (for our son) and sweetie (for our daughter)

Meg in Oregon - Oh to live in Nebraska and be able to wander through your vintage/antique stores, grab a coffee, and stop by the loft to have pictures done. sigh. πŸ™‚

We call my six year old nephew, Tater. His real name is Andrew, but when he was born he was so jaundiced that his paternal grandmother from Tennessee exclaimed – He looks just like a sweet ‘tater! And it stuck. What’s funny is that if you call him Andrew, he will turn to look at you but let you know that his name is Tater (even in school!) I often wonder if he will ever go back to his given name. Do you Tater, take _______ to be your bride. Gasp! I hope not. snort.

I’m going to The Farm Chicks event in Spokane! I’m bringing my mom and a girlfriend for a fun weekend escape. It’s a six hour drive, so we’re hoping to garage sale along the way. πŸ™‚ I’d sign up for a photo session, but regretfully I don’t have the budget for it – so I’ll just hope to see you across the room so I can say – That’s the photographer I told you about! I read her blog!!


Stacy/CA - My son’s nickname has always been Parkerman…from Spiderman (Peter Parker)…and Kayla has always been shortened to Kay…

I’m seriously mulling over the possibility of a photo shoot out here in SoCal…do you have dates in mind?

LOVE your blog!

Patti Mullican - Although I try to avoid garage sales and purchasing unneeded items, yours would be one I would break the rule to attend! The photos on this post are really good. Looked like the train trip was fun. Thanks for sharing!

wendy wendtvanguilder - MY favorite nickname is for my daughter Lorelai. I call her peanut butter because she’s such a small peanut and she calls me Jelly. thanks

LeanneO - I too love nicknames. Right now my children (6, 4, 2 1&1 I know it sounds crazy) are at:
Leah – Leezebelle
Samuel – Hampson Sampson (He calls himself “hampson” instead of handsome πŸ™‚
Cameron – Cammer Hammer
Cody – Cokie Pants
Cara – Carsie Button

But those are subject to change at a moment’s notice. It happens often.
Your photos are gorgeous. I can only wish I had photos as beautiful as these to document these days that are just flying by! Thanks for the chance to win.
God Bless!

Denise - Love your blog! Very inspiring! Nicknames….for my 18 year old who will be leaving (though not that far away…lol) for U of O in the fall….we call her “Ya-Ya”…my younger 2 could not say “Chelsie” growing up, and it always sounded like “Ya-Ya”….and yea, it stuck! My 12 year old is Sarah….and why we call her “Muffinhead” I have no idea…ok, wait, it’s because as a baby, her head was, no lie, in the 90-110% percentile…and her body and height were always in the 50-60%. Justin, my youngest…he was the chubbiest baby in the world, lol, born at 4 pounds 14 ounces at 33 weeks, and made up for it with a pound of weight gain a week for a while, the biggest the doctor had ever seen. (o:

Crystal - We don’t use very many nicknames in our family, now that I think about it! Our granddaughters are Meds (for Meadow) and Laynie (for Helayna). Grampa calls them his Princessess – which makes them smile alot. I am a newbie to flea markets so I think I’d love this magazine. Thanks for sharing :))

Hohn - Obviously not a crafter, but I do enjoy looking and enjoy reading your blog and last but not least I LOVE flea markets… Love ya girlfriend

Suzelle - LOVE, LOVE your work Becky….truly inspriing…you are πŸ™‚ The nick names for my kids….my daughter Claire is Claire bear and my son John is either “J” or when he it was little John John the Leprauchan πŸ™‚ Thank you !!!!

Angel Pardue - Hi Becky! I have been stalking your blog for over a year now! I am a photog in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and our styles are very similar…. my nickname for my husband is “Nonnie”. We don’t know where it came from but it has stayed with him for years!

Tammy - I love photographs of kids and dogs! How cool! I especially love the photograph of Grayson and his doggie pal looking inside the plastic Easter egg and the one with all the kids and dogs in one frame.

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