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emersyn and a *b* list. Child Photographer Fremont Nebraska. {beckynovacekphotography}

Hi friends! It’s Tuesday, which means that I have a *b* list! This one is probably even more random than usual, which is saying something!

*b* list from notes on my desk and more…

  • House of Fifty. Brand new online magazine that I enjoyed perusing very much…especially the Dreamy White article by Maria Carr, the article about Kaycee Hughes(her clothes are beautiful!), the sandals for summer….really enjoyed the whole package.
  • May 17 photography workshop. I”m hosting another beginning photography workshop at the Loft on Tuesday, May 17 (Beth’s birthday!) If you click on the link, you can read details. I’m super excited about this after having such a great experience a few weeks ago with the two groups who participated. After the workshop (which goes from 9:30-3:00 pm), from 5-6 pm, I’ll be teaching a refresher course for anyone who has attended a photography workshop at the Loft in the past. I’ll go over basics and share some updated information. Then at 6 pm, I have a practice shooting session planned. We’ll shoot until it gets too dark to shoot anymore! The refresher course and shooting session for past participants is just $50. I would love to see each and every one of you…and to see how you have progressed! I know many of you have gone on to shoot professionally, which is awesome! Please email me at if you would like to attend. If you’ve never attended a workshop, but sign up for the workshop on May 17, you are welcome to stay and shoot that evening too, no additional charge.
  • Models needed. I am going to need a few models for the practice session on Tuesday, May 17. We will need a teenager between 15-19 years old, a couple of any age, and a young family with 3-6 family members. Email me if you are interested and I can give more details about what’s in it for you! Again, my email is
  • Michael Chiarellos’s Bottega Cookbook. I was thrilled when my pal Lin returned from her month long visit with her son, Michael Glissman in California. I was not only thrilled to have her back, but thrilled that she brought me a signed (by her son Michael)copy of the cookbook from Bottega! Although I haven’t gotten to know Michael as much as I would like when he visits Nebraska, I feel as if I know him because of his family’s love for him and their pride in his work and his passion for life. His laugh is absolutely contagious! That’s why I adore the photo of him in the book…it captures his true spirit. He is gifted in the kitchen, to watch him work is to watch a true artist. There are very few things in life that I love more than seeing passionate people do what they do. It’s fascinating to me. I think figuring out what your passion in life is, is one of the most key components to a truly full life. Through Lin, I’ve heard that Michael’s true passion is to make food that people enjoy and to see that enjoyment as they savor his creations. Love that!

This photo of Michael makes me so happy!

  • George, Gina and Lucy trunk show in the Old Market at Nouvelle Eve (11th and Howard). I bought a George, Gina and Lucy bag about 5 years ago before I went to CHA and I still adore that bag! The boutique that I purchased my bag at, is no longer open, so I was thrilled to know that Nouvelle Eve carries them. Donna and I were poking around one evening and my heart skipped a beat when I saw the bags! I would love to add another…but so far, I’ve resisted. Aren’t cha glad I’m enabling you?
  • The Royal Wedding? pish, posh, we’ve got a big family wedding coming up. Our nephew Kyle and his bride Mellisa are getting married this weekend and we have family coming from far and wide and it’s going to be so much fun! We started the week of festivities last night at my sister-in-law (Tom’s sister) Jean and her hubs Scott’s house. Kathy (another of Tom’s sisters) and Steve arrived late Sunday, so we were anxious to see them. We always have good conversation and Tom is at his comedic best when with his siblings. Today, Bill (Tom’s brother) and Linda, and Rita(another sister : ) get here, so tonight will be a crazy night of lots of laughs! At about 9 last night, Tom said we needed to get home, so that he could rest and save up some of his material. Although, I don’t think he’d ever run out when he’s with his sisters. He is hilarious when he’s with them…sort of at their expense, but they are always great sports because they love him so much! He adores them too, which is sweet to see. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Oh and on a side note, I’m looking so forward to being able to photograph this wedding with so many loved ones around. My camera may just blow up!

That’s it for the list, but I’m not done! Jared’s college bud and roommate was back in the area this past weekend with his beautiful wife and new baby girl Emersyn…and I was so happy that they asked me to take photos. You may remember them from last summer when I took a few tummy shots. One of my favorite maternity sessions. Now, baby girl is here and she is a stunner! So full of personality and such a striking resemblance to her Daddy!


Her perfect little mouth.

Are you kidding me? She’s only 8 months old! How does she know how to work the camera?

Toward the end of our time together, my favorite baby boy and his sweet Mama stopped by. Oh how I love baby Eli. Just opening these photos made my eyes well up. He has my heart.

She’s holding his hand… I almost can’t handle the sweetness.

haha! He’s a true gentleman, just taking it and not retaliating!

There are so many more that I want to share, but I think this is already the longest blog post in history! So glad that I was able to take Emersyn’s photos!

Have a great day everyone!

God bless!

tara pollard pakosta - so cute of the two babies together, LOVE IT~ Eli already going for an older chick = too CUTE! they are so adorable, both of them!
can’t wait to meet Eli!!!
these are all gREAT b!
and I want that cookbook!
how awesome! I LOVE that!

Brooke Johnson - The photos of the babes are priceless!!! Love them all:)

Bethany - Becky you have such GREAT talent! Thank you so much for taking these pics for us! 🙂

Tamara - its a great cookbook, but i am biased as that is my big brother!!!! and i think you forgot that you needed a 27 year old model! lol.

Missie - Love Emmie! So cute!

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Ann Schrader - What a beautiful set of photographs! Thank you so much for sharing them on your blog. Emersyn is my first grandchild. You really did capture her personality!

Janell Beals - Thank you so much for the mention of House of Fifty on your blog Becky! It has been a great project, happily busy on number 2 and continuing to get the word out! Glad you enjoyed it…

All the best, wonderful photography! Janell

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