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eli love…

yeah, it’s true, I’m officially in love. I spent 7 glorious hours with Beth and Eli yesterday and I am still on a cloud. I can’t get enough of him. I woke up this morning and want to see him again. How is it that I can love each grandchild SO much? Yesterday, I talked to my Greyson Thomas and Addison May on the phone and both conversations made me deliriously happy. Ryan and Jennifer sent an email this morning about an absolutely outstanding award that Alexis received…and our hearts swelled. These little (and not so little) people have such a power over me! And now, there is baby Eli. He is a charmer. He smells just the way a baby should smell…and that gets me every time. It also doesn’t hurt that he looks so much like his Daddy. He also reminds me a little of Payton and Harper. Genetics fascinate me. P and H don’t look like Jared, but I think Griffin does. They change so much as they grow, so I’m sure his unique genetic composition will continue to fascinate me. He definitely  has his Mama’s nose : ) I could go on, but I have a lot of photos to share!

Remember the hat? I used the hat to announce that he was on his way and later to announce that he was a boy.

His lips are his Daddy’s.


Maybe my fave?

Or maybe this one?

I know I took a ton of shots with his hat. This child will be photographed a lot, so I’m not worried about overdoing on one thing.


Awww, the wrinkles.

He was awake almost all afternoon, so I got very few sleeping shots. I hope I wore him out, so that he slept well last night. After our day together, I slept like a baby myself : )

Have a great weekend and God bless!

Brooke - I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!! I miss seeing him and hopefully today will be the day:)

kandice - what a gorgeous baby!!!!!!

Tina - You must stop 🙂 Jeff will not be happy if I keep pestering him for ‘just one more boy’ and every time I see a beautiful baby boy picture I need another one 🙂 He’s perfect. Mommy and Daddy did a good job.

Nancy Naylor - I understand why you are still on a cloud. It seems as if a piece of heaven has come to earth. Beautiful baby and wonderful pictures!

Dori - He is is so,so precious. God is so good!

Gina - Awwww, he is beautiful. I can’t imagine how smitten you are. One day I will though. ;)Great photos.

er - handsome and snuggly…wonderful pictures. congrats beth and jman!
love you all….er and fam

Auntie Jaynee - He is so sweet!

Kamie Mielke - Becky you’ve done it again! He is absolutely precious! I can’t imagine the love you all feel for him! Life is good and God is GREAT! I’ll look for more pics to come of this little man!

jamie - he is beautiful!

Tammy - He is beautiful! What a cutie! I wonder what he’ll think when he’s older and sees these photos! He’ll have to feel special and know that he’s well-loved! Great job!

mandie - He’s beautiful Becky! congrats again! 🙂

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