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Easter highlights…

Actually it’s high and low lights.

Eli’s first Easter, 2 rows of us in church, great service, great meal at Brooke and Josh’s, Easter Egg Hunt and time together = the best.

Mom not feeling well – the one negative about the day.

Bittersweet. One of my favorite and most loved words. Years ago, a friend who was much older, used it to describe raising a son. I’ve found it to be somewhat true, however, I think that raising a son is by far more sweet than bitter. That’s not where I’m going with this post. As our day unfolded, it became apparent that as sweet as the day was, there was a note of bitter.

For almost three years, my Mom has handled the diagnosis of mesothelioma valiantly. She has not complained and rarely even mentions it. The statistics of this horrible disease are not encouraging and in fact leave one feeling fairly hopeless. We found out soon after her initial diagnosis that her tumor was inoperable, since it was so close to her lung and had wrapped around and through her ribs. Mom opted for palliative treatment at first, but then when more information was presented, she decided to take chemo. She’s handled it very well, only occasionally saying she’s tired after her treatments.

About 3 weeks ago, Mom had a procedure to place a tube in her pleura that enables us to drain the fluid that accumulates every few days. Dad and I have had no trouble figuring it out and making it as comfortable for Mom as we can. This whole experience has bonded the three of us. I’m thankful that we’ve had this time together and I am beyond thankful that I have a flexible schedule and can be available to my parents almost any time. I don’t want to have any regrets.

The way Mom was feeling on Easter scared me, but since Sunday, she’s felt good, so apparently it was just a bad day. There are cases of mesothelioma patients living well beyond the bleak statistics and so far Mom has defied all the odds, so I’m praying that she will continue on this path. She defied all the odds when she was in the car accident many years ago, so we know she’s strong. I’m just trying to savor my time with her and hoping she continues to do well. Her strength and attitude, which she credits to the Lord, inspire me. Easter had even more meaning this year.

We spent a good part of the day outside, which was lovely!

Yesterday, I received a box in the mail with one of the most meaningful gifts I’ve ever gotten in it. My friend Denise (who I’ve mentioned a few times here) sent me the most beautiful little canvas of my beloved Sophie dog, based on a photo I took of Soph on her last day. You can see the post about Soph here. It was really ironic, because I had been doing really well dealing with the loss until the night before the box came. I was up late working, and as I waited for a batch of images to process, I happened to find an older photo of Sophie on my computer. It was a photo I hadn’t seen in a long time and when I saw it, it just grabbed me. I felt like all the air had disappeared and I was sobbing and gasping. That hadn’t happened in a long time. I pulled myself together and I was fine, but she was definitely on my mind. The next day, this beautiful portrait came and I was just overwhelmed! The timing was perfect! Denise’s Etsy Shop is called Mothball Charlie…check it out here. I love to give her paintings as gifts!

The colors and her sweetness are just right. I will cherish this painting forever!

Denise also painted the watercolor with Sophie and Scooter. Notice Sophie has a camera :  )

On a sidenote, as I was deciding where to put this new little treasure, I decided for now I want it on my desk. I want to be able to look up and see it as I work every day. I will probably eventually move it to the table it’s on in this photo. But for now, it will be right in front of me. Anyway, as I was taking this photo, I took a minute and really looked around my living and dining rooms and realized how many beautiful pieces of art I’ve collected in the past few years. Many pieces are custom gifts given to me by very special people in my life and others are vintage one of a kind pieces that I’ve collected. I LOVE nothing materialistic more. So personal, so expressive, so important to me to live with art (including photos). I think that is what makes our house a home. To think that only 4 years ago, I had nothing in my living room. Not one piece of furniture for two years. An empty room. But now, I have it just the way I want it and feel so at home whenever I spend time there.

Quick update on models. I tentatively have a teenager and a family, but I still need a couple of any age! Don’t be shy, there just might be a nice little perk! Email me at if you are available Tuesday May 17 from about 6-8 pm.

Enjoy your day and God bless!

er - love love love your friends art work.

Brenda Partusch - Prayers to your mom again Becky!! Such a sweet woman and always has been!


Gina - I’m sorry to hear about your mom. Must be so hard. I love the pictures of your dogs…I can relate to your love for them. I have two “fur babies” of my own and had another who passed away a few years ago. I can still cry at the drop of a hat over her as silly as it sounds.

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