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Happy 2014!!! I’m so hopeful about this brand new year and all the possibilities! I love a fresh start. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably know that I have embarked on another 40days/40bags endeavor! It’s basically a 40 day challenge to go through areas of your home/life and declutter, gathering 40 bags/boxes of things to donate, recycle or get rid of. Such a great feeling!

Here’s my list:


I started on the day after Christmas. Last year, I went through a similar list twice, once in January and once in July. I like to mix up the order, because I’ve discovered that I usually start off strong and then lose a little of the initial energy. Sometimes I keep the energy level up the whole time just because it feels so good to get it done and done thoroughly. A year ago, I really focused on my basement because it felt out of control, then in the summer I focused on closets first. This time, I felt like my desk area was the most out of control, so I listed it first and I must say that I immediately felt so much better about everything after getting my desk in order. I didn’t list my computer (other than emails), but while I was cleaning out my desk, I reorganized my computer files and did a secure trash empty, which freed up 200 GBs. That was gratifying! So whatever is bothering you most I would suggest putting at the top of your list and getting it done! I would also suggest breaking areas up into easily manageable tasks. I list my desk drawers as one item and desk cupboards as another item, rather than just listing “desk”. Break it up when you can. If I listed my basement as one item, it would feel really overwhelming, but when it’s broken up into 5 items, it is mentally doable. If you decide to join in on the fun, post your list and before and after photos on IG using the hashtag: 40days40bags. We love to encourage each other!

Today, I have an adorable one year old to share peeks of. I say he’s a lady’s man. He steals my heart every time.

M18A7081 web

M18A7100 web

M18A7118 web

I love when babies try to get to their belly buttons.

M18A7147 web

I see toofers.

M18A7149 web

M18A7165 web I adore this shot. To me it screams baby becoming toddler. Yelling and doing his own thing while we have a little setup for him to sit still in. Not happening people, I’m mobile and vocal now!

M18A7168 bw web

But if you have a big window on the second story, I’ll sit in the windowsill for a minute.

Have a great one!

God bless!

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