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brandon & kiley wedding reception. {beckynovacekphotography} Wedding Photographer Fremont Nebraska

There are many professions over the years that I have fancied myself taking up. I thought it would be amazing to be a real estate broker, a florist, an interior designer, a personal shopper, the proprietor of a really special bed and breakfast, a boutique owner, an antique dealer….the list goes on. However, the profession that I settled on and that I adore is the ONLY profession that I can see myself working at as passionately as I do. The one thing I notice about every single profession that I’m drawn to, is that the hours are not 9-5 hours. So one has to love what one does when one chooses such a profession. Most photography gigs are weekend or evening events. Most folks aren’t free during the weekdays to be photographed, and most weddings don’t occur during the week. So as most people are anticipating a relaxing weekend, I am anticipating taking photos, editing photos and meeting with people about taking photos. AND I love it. So for anyone who happens to be considering photography as a career, just consider that many of the key hours of work, involve nights and weekends. One huge plus is that it’s rare to work a holiday.

I think my working hours have caused Tom and I to be more creative about our time together. This past week, I spent a lot of time at the computer working, but I tried to take time each evening to relax a little. By Friday evening, I felt as if I could take the whole evening off for a date night, so I did. It was a dreary night, so it was perfect for a movie. We hadn’t been to a movie forever. Tom picked The Lucky One and we both enjoyed it quite a bit. Zac Ephron grew up… I didn’t know that : ) Anyway, all that to say, we had a sort of normal Friday night date night and it was great!

I know that working non-traditional hours are not uncommon at this point in time for a lot of people. I just think that even though so many of us are in this position, culture still dictates that weekends rule for downtime, so personally, I’ve had to make a conscious effort to NOT get in a rut about when we have date nights, or when we meet friends for dinner or socialize. I have learned that taking time during the week to get out and do things, and have downtime is pretty much essential. It’s just a mindset readjustment.

I do have to say that I love that I can do my editing work on my own schedule and don’t punch a time clock. I don’t know how I would ever work a 9-5 job again.

I recently photographed Taylor and I used one of the photos from her session for a 2peasinabucket photo challenge. I would love to have you take up my challenge and post your photo. Shooting from the hip and no look shots are one of my favorite things!

I did a little shooting from the hip on Saturday. I photographed Brandon and Kiley’s wedding reception and it was such a great time! They actually were married in Jamaica a week ago (or so), but they didn’t take me along for those shots. I tried to convince them to take me! But I was more than happy to photograph their celebration right here. It was such an awesome, fun event!

Tom and I took a drive to scope things out a little before the party and this sign made me smile.

The flowers were absolutely stunning.

This piece was huge…and so beautiful!

These two are so laidback and easy to work with.

This pose started as a funny little dramatic thing and then all of us at about the same time noticed it looked amazing!

Love this one.

J’s is such a great spot.

Milo arrived and kinda stole the show a little.

Brandon’s sister Brooke (Milo’s adorable Mom) is one of Jared’s high school classmates. She is such a delightful person!

I love capturing little people and older people at events like this…or anytime. I also like to photograph people totally relaxed.

The men of the family sipping a little scotch.

Kiley and Brandon were so drama-free as a bride and groom! LOVE that. They just seem truly happy to be married and celebrating with their loved ones. So happy for you two!

A little shout out to the vendors:

Venue: J’s Steakhouse The staff was so prepared and every detail seemed to be handled so well. J’s is one of my favorites places to eat in town!

Flowers: In Bloom. I recently photographed Jenefer and her sweet family and enjoyed working with them so much! Jenefer knocked it out of the park with her orchid creations for Brandon and Kiley’s reception. I heard many, many complements for them throughout the evening. She’s making some pretties for my front porch this spring and I can’t wait to see them!

Cupcakes: J’s daughter Ashley made and decorated all of the cupcakes and they were beautiful and delish! If you need cupcakes for an event, I would definitely recommend her.

Guitarist: Nick Leeland from Norfolk. He did a great job, so if you need a guitarist for an event, let me know and I can give you his number. He doesn’t have a website that I can find.

Have a great Monday, God bless!

Leonie -australia - Beautiful photos Becky, they look so happy !

Kamie - Just beautiful! You always capture the moment Becky! Great photos, wonderful surroundings & food, beautiful flowers and good, good people……….what more could you ask for? Thanks for sharing & congrats to Brandon & Kiley!!

Kiley - Becky, I keep looking at our pictures over and over again and absolutely, positively cannot WAIT to see the rest! I am super excited to see some of the more candid shots. Apparently there is a great shot of my friend and I after rum punch was spilt all the way down the back of my dress… 😉 Thanks again for being there for Big Day #2 and taking the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen! You will definitely have us as repeat customers in the future. <3 =)

Tess - What a beautiful bride! She looks like a porcelain doll all grown up! Congratulations!

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