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The past few days have been full of highs and lows. Normally life around here is pretty steady and level, but not so recently. The highs have been the one-0n-one photography workshop/mentoring opportunity with Lindsy on Tuesday, the practice shooting session with amazing past workshop attendees and unbelievable models (I’ll be sharing some photos soon!), clearing out the millions of boxes from our basement and having things sell at our garage sale, awesome mail deliveries (Urban Outfitters, October Afternoon goodies,and Party goods from Sweet Lulu (now we need to have a party!). A high and low all put together was when my camera broke on Tuesday night during our practice shoot (obvious low), but it was easily and inexpensively fixable-thank you Jesus!  The lowest part of the week has been Mom’s declining health. She hasn’t felt well for the past few days and we found out yesterday that she has pneumonia. The Doctor says they caught it early, so we’re hoping it responds to treatment. Her fluids have been building more quickly than before, so we are draining fluid almost daily. Mom remains her calm, never complaining self. We know that she has a terminal cancer diagnosis, but she has done so well and outlived the normal stats with a high quality of life for almost 3 years…and yet, it’s still beyond difficult to see her health fade. I just love her so much and hate to see her suffer. She has been a rock in my life, such a presence always and still is, even as she walks through this debilitating disease. Please say a prayer or two for my sweet Mama today.

I’ve done a lot of reflecting lately. We’ve spent a fair amount of time in waiting rooms (Mom and Dad especially), but during those times and while I’m sitting at my computer editing, I’ve reflected on the past a lot. The person I am today, is such a reflection of my upbringing. The things that mean the most to me almost always go back to my childhood or the traditions of my childhood. I think my love of vintage things is not happenstance. My love for my Grandparents and Parents shows in my daily life still.

*b* list of classics

  • Gospel Music Classic: How Great Thou Art sung by Mahalia Jackson. This was my Gramps’ favorite song and is one of my faves too. My Gram was a talented musician and we spent many hours at their house in their music room, listening to Gram play the organ or piano and we’d all sing. I grew up on classic gospel music, with a little jazz and blues thrown in. I can’t sing it in church or hear it on the radio and not have it bring a tear to my eye. I left my parent’s house a few days ago and turned the radio to the Sirius Praise station and this song came on-Mahalia Jackson singing How Great Thou Art”

so comforting.

  • Garden Flowers: Peonies. I love gardens and flowers of all kinds, but there is something extra special to me about peonies. The look, the smell, even as they wilt and fade, their beauty is still visible. I planted a peony bush last year and I’m hoping to get a few blooms this year. I bought a bouquet last week at Whole Foods…well worth the $$.

They’ve given me much joy.

  • Classic Cars: The original Mustang. I can appreciate any classic car that is in decent shape, but when I see a 64 1/2 Mustang, I have a major nostalgic moment. My Dad ordered a 64 1/2 before they even hit the show floor. I remember riding in it when I would have been just a little older than Grey. The look, the sound the smell of the interior….love it all. I wish I had that car now. Dad kept it for many years and just recently sold it, but we did a photo shoot before it was gone.

Love that car. Another thing just occurred to me that would be considered a classic in my book: crewcuts on guys. My Dad has always been a crewcut guy and I still prefer this look.

  • Vintage loves: Fostoria, Hull, ironstone, rhinestone jewelry, photos, linens, chippy furniture. I come by my love of vintage very naturally. It simply reminds me of my grandparent’s farm and simple life in a big old farmhouse. If you walk through my house, you will likely see my Gram and Mom’s influence throughout. I have Gram’s Fostoria pedestal cake plate that all of my birthday cakes were presented on, her original framed baby photo (which has been on every wall of every home I’ve lived in as an adult), her Hull cream and sugars, and her rhinestone choker and bracelet (which I wear often). I also have and display my Gram’s grandmother’s ironstone. I think my obsession with painted furniture goes way back to my grandparent’s utilitarian pieces that were in their basement (where she canned and did laundry). Because Gram did NOT like chippy paint! She often asked me if I intended to repaint my furniture. It bothered her a lot to see things that weren’t tidily painted. Makes me smile now. She would be mortified to know that her influence made me love chippy paint.

  • Comfort Food: Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Fresh Corn and Homecanned Peaches. I don’t eat comfort food like this much now, but I still enjoy a good old-fashioned dinner like this. I think the food was delish and all, but a lot of the comfort in comfort food was the time around the table with loved ones sharing great conversation and laughs. I want my kids to remember times like this. Maybe the food will be updated, but I hope the feeling is the same. Unguarded conversation and laughter.
  • Classic clothes: Cotton t-shirt, jeans and flipflops. A sundress with wedge heels. Never out of style.
  • Other classics: Sitting on the front porch sipping ice tea or lemonade. a tree swing. a picnic on a well-loved quilt with simple food like cheese, crackers, fresh fruit and a homemade cookie. a bike ride on a perfect spring evening. spontaneous get-together with good friends.  swimming. picnic tables with attached benches. french mani-pedis. ice cold watermelon slices. hot chocolate and sledding. a fire in the fireplace. holiday traditions that are non-negotiable. freshly laundered clothes hung on a clothesline. time at home that’s unrushed. the outdoorsy smell on the neck of a child who needs a hug.

I love classics with maybe a slight update or twist. Have you ever considered why you are passionate about the things you are passionate about?

One of THEE most classic and cherished things I can think of is a newborn baby. So miraculous and lovely. Who could resist the charms of a newborn? Not me!

This is Nathan and his sweet little spirit is very easy to fall in love with-

He didn’t want to sleep, but he was so content that it worked out just fine.


I have to say it again, I love my job!

God bless!

er - i love uncle carls crew cut too…dane runs that hair now as well my peonies are almost ready to bloom…7 bushes of them! love to you my sista…er

tara pollard pakosta - praying for your mom, she’s such a sweetheart.
that baby is sooooooooo adorable!!!
Love your post!
it made me want to surprise my girls with a picnic at the park!
I think I will do this TOMORROW!!!
thank YOU!

Brenda Partusch - Prayers and thoughts to your mom Becky!!

Keshet - Thinking of you and praying for your mom, Becky.

Becky J. - Dear Becky…let’s pray together..Jesus we ask you to touch Becky’s Momma..touch her dear lungs and heal them. Jesus, we know You endured those stripes upon Your back for her healing…breathe Your healing virtue into her dear body and Your perfect peace over all the family. In Jesus’ name, Amen. Becky, Mom received her diagnosis of non-Hodgkins lymphoma two days ago and had a day riddled with severe pain…she is only 61…and the doctor’s prognosis is not rosy, BUT, we know that the Lord has the final say and so we cling to Him and walk day by day…thank you for the “visit” on your blog today…I know you are a precious blessing to your Momma…blessings!!

Lindsey - Becky, I’ve been reading your blog for years now, but i don’t think I’ve ever commented before. Just a note to let you know that your mom is my prayers today! Thanks for the inspiration to call my mom today and let her know how much I love her. 🙂

mandie - Ooooh- theose peonies are gogeous! I forgot to buy some last week for my hubby’s & mine anniversary- It’s what I carried down the aisle 5 years ago. 🙂

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