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babies on my mind…

Yesterday I shared photos of Libby, but for whatever reason, I missed a few that I intended to post. I am so excited about lots of baby/newborn shoots that are on the horizon! Tomorrow I’ll be going to the Kearney/Lexington area to photograph a brand new baby girl! If anyone lives in the area and happens to be free for a shoot tomorrow, let me know! I have 3 other newborns coming up! That makes me VERY happy!

I have an update on a few of my upcoming location shoots:

  • St Louis MO area….this is a go, with one slot open!
  • Spokane WA….filled!
  • Cape Cod….sounds very promising, with 2 families interested! Please email me if you are interested.
  • Kearney NE….I’ll be here on Friday, May 14, and have room for one more, if anyone is super flexible and can make it work on short notice!
  • San Fernando Valley CA…I have room for one more family in the area : )

Last night it really hit me, that I haven’t been traveling at all like I did a few years ago. It happened sort of gradually, so it wasn’t something that was that apparent. Tom and I went to Fu’s (our Chinese place) for dinner and when Fu brought our vegetable fried rice and broccoli beef to the table, he mentioned that it had been a long time since Tom had been in without me. He said, “you no travel anymore?” which sort of caught me off-guard….and I finally said, “not much”. So I am super jazzed about the prospect of getting to travel a little more again this year. This morning I was thinking about the upcoming flea market season and realized that I will be going to 5 different “sales” in 3 states in the next couple of months. Yay!!! So I guess I’m traveling less and for different reasons now…which is fine with me!

Another random fact that I was just thinking about was the fact that 2009 was a big year for boys. I photographed tons of newborn boys, senior boys and just boys in general! However, 2010 seems to be off to a girly start. Out of 4 upcoming newborn shots, 3 will be girls and only one boy! Two of “my” brides are having girls -one is already here (Hadley) and one will be arriving soon(Alice)!

Sadly, one of my brides and also my dear friend suffered a miscarriage over Mother’s Day weekend. Please say a prayer for ‘T’….I’ve been praying constantly. I just hate it that she is going through this. Do you ever think about all the people who are hurting, while at the same exact time, others are rejoicing? Life is full of unexpected turns, which is the reason that I am glad that we have a God who is as solid as a rock….never changing, always there and loving us, no matter what our circumstances are. I cling to Him regardless of my circumstances, because we never know what our futures hold. When times are good, I thank Him and savor it, when times are tough, I cling even tighter and look to Him for comfort. It’s the only thing that can’t be taken away in this life. His love, peace and comfort.

I didn’t intend to share all that, but felt compelled to. I think there are a lot of us going through difficult things and I just wanted to share what gets me through. Right now, I have a loved one who I am very concerned for and yet, I feel completely helpless to do anything, except pray. If my faith is real, I should be able to let it go and believe that my prayers will be heard and that God will work it all out. Humanly, it’s tough to not DO something active. I want to go in and save her…but what if she doesn’t want to be helped? And what if God’s will is for me to just pray and trust? Life isn’t always easy.

Doing what I do, is very theraputic. Just looking at Libby makes me feel better-




img_9977-vintage-web img_9996-vintage-web

I still can’t even believe how cooperative she was! I think she has a future in modeling!

I always try to focus on the good positive things in my life (of which there are many) and not choosing to focus on the negative (especially things that you have no control of) seems to work for me. Even in the worst circumstances (which I am far from and I know that), I think you often see inspiring people choosing to focus on the few positive things they can find. Being optimistic, rather than cynical. Because it really is a choice no matter what. Even in life or death situations.

This little vignette is making me smile too-


Here’s the photo of Molly-

molly-5-years-063cweb I’ve been playing around with lots of funky conversions lately. I like this one.

This week is sliding by! Have a great day!

God bless!

Jessica T - I cannot wait for you to travel to OKC!!!!!

Gina - Great thoughts today Becky. It reminds me of a verse I read Friday and have been thinking of since. Job 2:10 “Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” This after finding out our daughter got engaged on Tuesday and finding out my sister has breast cancer on Thursday. The circumstances may have changed but God didn’t. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. By the way, I wish you lived in Virginia so you could be the wedding photogragher. ;D

miley - alice is already here…she came on Megan’s birthday..mother’s day! (not that I’m a stalker or miley

Patti Mullican - So happy you’re coming to the Lou! I hope you have us on your list, but if not please put us in your open slot. Looking forward to seeing you!

Christine - My heart aches for “T.” I miscarried on Father’s Day 10 years ago, and it just hurts so much. I bought a tiny gold baby ring and wore it on a chain–it was a concrete reminder that that baby was here. I have given some as gifts to friends who have lost babies too, so maybe that is an idea for you. I took comfort in the fact that I was a perfect mother to that child–I never put it down, never had to hear it cry…I cradled it the entire time, and I didn’t have to share either!

Tammy - Regarding your loved one – hang in there. Keep believing, trusting and praying, remembering that the prayers of the righteous man (well, I think woman, too) avails much. Read the book of Esther in the Bible. God was working behind the scenes in her life – perhaps when she felt most alone. You may be there praying for such a time as this! May God bless you richly.

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