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*b* list of things i’m excited about…

there are so many things that i’m looking forward to….and some that i’m actually already enjoying! loving this time of year makes everything even better!

*b* list of things i’m excited about….

  1. the spring season of flea markets, tag sales, garage sales and estate sales. antique, thrift and junk stores keep me going through the winter….barely. this time of year, to have a sale of some sort to go to every week is heavenly! i love getting in my own little world and imagining what i could do with the pieces that i see. here’s the thing i really, really love about buying well loved pieces- 1. they are unique, therefore you aren’t going to see the same art, furniture, or whatever anywhere else. 2. you can buy things at great prices. you never know what kind of a screaming deal you’re going to get. 3. the hunt. i love the hunt. the element of surprise over what you’re going to find. i’m planning to do a *b* list of thrift shopping tips soon.
  2. jared & beth’s wedding. now that beth has graduated and is done student teaching, i feel like it’s more real. we ordered the save the dates last week, and today i came up with what i think is a FABULOUS idea for a prop for the wedding day! eek! so excited about this! thankfully, beth seems to be okay with me pitching ideas 🙂

the template is from swiss miss designs (they are great to work with…my computer had issues when i bought the package and they resent it no questions asked. i love good customer service!)


          3. bella spa and salon. our friend heidi is opening a brand new salon in town! we’re so excited for her. brooke and i went to her open house on saturday and i made an appointment for a pedicure this morning! i’m taking my camera so i can take pics. she has created a really cool atmosphere. can’t wait to show you!

          4. this. i have been bursting to tell! i’ve known for quite some time! jenni’s stuff is SO me! is that conceited to say? i just love her products SO much! i can’t wait to get to work! make sure and comment on the post and you will have a chance to win some jbs product. btw, the number 4 is my favorite number : )

          5. location photo shoots! i have so many cool ideas and plans for upcoming shoots. with the weather getting more and more cooperative, i just can’t wait to get out and do it! tom and i took an ice cream drive last week and i scoped out some really great spots.

          6. a new deal. i have a local estate sale company that i’ve been buying props and other assorted goodness from for the past year or two. i went there a couple of saturdays ago and i was talking to the owner about these amazing chairs she has right now. she knows that i do photos and she offered to let me use the chairs for shoots and bring them back!!!! i am beyond thrilled! i plan to call her thursday and make arrangements to start using them.

          7. not feeling my age. this morning as i was getting dressed and ready for the day, i realized that maybe i don’t dress my age? i put on these ripped out jean shorts and a tank. i just don’t feel my age, so i forget that some of my every day clothes may not be appropriate? oh well. i’m just thankful to feel so energetic and full of enthusiasm at this age!

         8. being with the man of my dreams. don’t gag friends, i really mean this. last night, we were sitting in church and i was leaning on him, listening to the speaker and i realized how comfortable i am with him….and how he is just what i need. i wouldn’t change one thing about him. i just love him so much.

          9. being outside. i am not an indoor lover. if i have the option of sitting outside at a restaurant (and it’s not too cold or windy), i’m going to always choose to be outside. i love the outdoors. the idea of being cooped up inside on a gorgeous day makes me claustrophobic. that’s probably why i love having lots of uncovered windows when i do have to be inside.

         10. the loft. donna called this morning and as we were talking, we decided it might be fun to do a “showing” at the loft during JCfremont days in july. she said she would help me get the loft in shape (i’ve been a little overwhelmed). i do think it would be fun. i invited a local artist/friend if she might want to show some of her pieces and i have another artist friend who does pottery, who i would like to ask. i can feel the excitement welling up!

what are you excited about? i’d love to know! i’m always happy to hear about good things. things that people feel passionately about!

i took photos of kate last week. golden complexion, blonde, gorgeous china blue eyes! plus her parents are adorable and i hope to take family pics someday! hint, hint!








isn’t she scrumpticious?

have a wonderful day and God bless!

emma - becky those pictures are great! i love the colors… 🙂 super super cute!

Melissa - Wow, great post!! Flea markets, weddings, spas all wonderful things! #8 really speaks to me. Having one that allows you to be yourself and makes you feel like you’re the only one in the room.. takes my breath away.
Super cute, open mouth insert baby toes!

Emily Kiger (Kate's Mom) - I am excited about spending summer days home with my baby. Thank you for everything…we look forward to seeing you soon. They photos look great!

Nancy - Becky
So happy for you in regards to JBS – what a perfect fit! I know that your will do amazing things with her amazing products. Just love her stuff. The layout of Harper is so fun!
Have a wonderful day.

patti - love your lists! 😉 personally, i’m excited about school being out 8 days. can’t wait to spend the summer with my boy just being.

Kelly Vandermolen - Your photos are lovely! You clearly love your subject and it shows. Anyway, I’m very excited about #4. Can’t wait to see more. I too, am excited to be outside every chance I get until the snow flies again.

Bianca - I love reading your lists every week. They always make me think more about what you are listing that day.
I would say that I am excited to see all the green right now. After living in AZ for 7 years it’s wonderful to see the new life of spring and all its glory.

lisa truesdell - so excited about you + jbs. =)

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