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*b* list of lists…

I go through phases with my list making. Sometimes I have 20 lists going and other times, I have none. I find that the times when I don’t have any lists going, are usually the times when I am not thinking ahead, I’m just surviving. Right now must be a good time, because I have booku (it’s a real word) lists. I thought it might be fun to share my current lists…..not necessarily what’s on each one : )

*b* list of lists

  • to do list. My to do lists used to consist of household tasks and everyday type things…now it’s more work-related….like order proofs from July 17 wedding, build web gallery for Lindsey, project for Jenni Bowlin, subs for Fiskars…you get the idea. It’s funny how life changes. I like keeping my to do lists on paper, because I love the feeling of crossing things off!
  • books. I’ve kept a list of books I’ve already read and books that I want to read. Anytime anyone recommends a book, I add it to the list. I used to keep it on paper, but for a quite a while now, I’ve used I know I’ve shared that many times. I don’t know if I’ve shared how much I love to print off my list of books that I want to read, to take to the book store or library. So handy!
  • junking list. I have a running list in my little notebook with things I’m looking for, along with measurements. I’ve had a light fixture for my entryway on this list for months and months and still haven’t found one, but I know someday I’ll find the right one.
  • home improvement projects. This is one slow moving list. I’m happy to say that one thing will be checked off the list this weekend. We will finally have the deck floor painted. Sunday, I scrubbed the covered deck ceiling down with bleach water, while Tom scraped and primed the floor. It will feel so good to have this done! The list is neverending.
  • craft projects. Any time I get an idea for a project, I write it down, because I don’t often get to create when I want to create. Know what I mean? But I have a list of projects, just waiting!
  • menu ideas and recipes. If I have it written down and I’m at a loss as to what to make, it’s good to be able to check the list and come up with something that sounds good. I’m sure there is probably a good way to keep a list online, but I haven’t done that yet.
  • grocery list. I try to keep a running list of what we need, so that I don’t just walk into the store with no idea of what we need.
  • wish list of stuff. As I was sitting by the pool one day eating bonbons (ya right!), I made a list of things that we want…not need, but want. Just a fun wish list. I think it’s good to know what you would buy, if you had the money. I haven’t dwelt on it or even looked at it again, but it was fun to write it all down.
  • bucket list. I started a bucket list two years ago after watching the movie. I still haven’t checked many things off, but I do think about it : ) At the top of the list is a missions trip…I hope that happens soon.
  • photo locations and ideas. Tom and I will often take a drive just looking for cool, out of the way locations to shoot. I always have a pen and paper to jot down places…because if I don’t, I do usually forget where I saw things that caught my eye. I think I won’t forget, but I do. That is why I love pen and paper. A great way for a person with lots of scattered ideas to gather and collect them in an organized manner.

What do you keep lists of? I love to hear ideas.

I want to share peeks of another senior session. Rudi and her mom and I scoped out some awesome industrial locations, along with a couple of other really unique spots. They were privy to a couple of industrial locales, that I’ll probably never have access to again. They have connections : )




I love sassiness.


img_2268-web This one was taken at Rudi’s Grandparent’s house….they have the most gorgeous flower garden!!!




img_2334-web Thanks for having me take your senior photos Rudi!

God bless each of you!

Nancy Naylor - Becky
It was fun to look at your list of “list”. I do not write my lists down but should. I know you probably mean a trip to a
different state or country but wasn’t your week at camp a
“missions” trip? I think so.

Ginny - I’m a list maker,too. Sometimes it seems my lists have lists. I keep a daily to-do list, running grocery & Walmart lists, recipes I want to try, books I want to read, layouts I want to add to my albums, list of what I want to take back to Savannah & a list of last minute things we need to remember to do as we leave. If I don’t write things down, I waste too much time worrying about what needs to be done.

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f a c e b o o k
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