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*b* list of color combos…

I’ve wanted to share this list for a while, but needed a little time to pull it together. I’m a little down on myself today, because I didn’t finish my “day in the life” project. I started off okay, but then started thinking my day was too boring to even document! I spent most of the day yesterday working at the computer…not the most exciting thing to document. I didn’t even wear a cute outfit. It has really made me rethink how I spend my days. So I guess that is good. I’m not going to give up. I think I will try it again in a few weeks, going into it a little more prepared…I want to set aside an album with a bit of a plan. So, there, I’ve confessed!

On to the list-

Favorite color combos

11 I have loved this combination for a long time. I remember a domino cover with this scheme and I was so inspired by it that I created a layout that ended up on the cover of Scrapbook Trends….quite a few years ago.

st-cover That’s the only image I could find! I’m still loving this combo after several years…I may just need to do another layout with these colors!

2 If I were redoing any rooms in my house right now, I might go with these colors. Right now, just typing this, I’m visualizing all kinds of ideas. I need to redo our laundry room (badly), so this might be a good choice there.

3 Yum. I haven’t done a project with these colors yet….but I will be soon.

4 Very similiar to the one above. I recently made a layout with these colors using older favorite papers.


5 I think this would be a fun tea party color scheme.

6 I’ve wanted to do a project with these colors for a long time and finally made this layout at Becca’s crop-

wish I’ve wanted to use that Basic Grey pattern paper forever! I love it!

7 I like this warm fallish combination.

8 Probably my favorite crafting combo. I even used this color scheme for our guest room.

june-30-09-001-web and I made this layout recently too-


I just really love how these colors pop on any kind of crafty project!

9 These colors are so cheery and clean and cute and totally remind me of kellicrowe!

10 When we were working on decorating our living room, I almost went with this color scheme…but it ultimately felt too formal to me. I love it, but it just didn’t “feel” right for what I wanted in that room.

I love this Pottery Barn room, but it’s done with the emphasis on blue, with black and white accents-

potterybarn-farmhouse91 I have most of those frames, so maybe someday…

One of the reasons I think I love scrapbooking and crafting so much, is because it’s sort of like a small decorating project. Putting colors, textures, embellishments and design together.  I would like to redecorate all the time, but it’s not really financially possible. I do think that is why I don’t really like to finish rooms….I like to leave a little bit needing to be done, so that I can be in the process all the time. I love the process more than anything. I do appreciate the feeling when you finish a room and step back and take it all in….but I’m always a little sad that it’s done.

I have photos to share, but no time, so I’ll save them for another day…maybe tomorrow.

Thanks for checking in!

God bless!

tara pollard pakosta - LOVE LOVE LOVE the layouts b!
share the photos you did take!
I shared a few of mine from the weekend
and yesterday, not much but still a few!
no matter how boring you think it is, it will
be cool to document and see what you see.
a steaming cup of coffee, a yummy breakfast,
your computer screen, your feet in slippers,
your reflection in the mirror, details details details!
go snap some more this week! You can do it!
I went back and looked at my September WEEK IN THE LIFE
album and LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!

Chelsea - That black with the light blue are our wedding colors exactly! You get to photograph them so you’re in luck!

Keshet - I totally agree-scrapbooking and decorating go hand in hand! And I love that last layout especially and the art up in the guest room!

MarieP - That was fun and inspiring to look at and to read! Trying to decide which combo will end up on my next page and I’m leaning toward one of the first three. Yummy! And that quote from 3 John; I have a minor in Bible so you wouldn’t think that there would be many verses I wouldn’t at least recognize as having seen but that one totally struck me as brand-new! Thinking I need to use it on a project for my mom for Mother’s Day and trying to decide how best to accomplish that….

Crystal - I love seeing your pages – they are so happy and full of good things! And your color combos are inspiring me right now :)) I found the first day in “A Week in My Life” the hardest one to take pictures on. Then Ali Edwards started posting and I found all kinds of new photo ops – some even with me in them! I hope you’ll try again – don’t be too hard on yourself. Just think how much your granddaughters will appreciate a glimpse into your every days when you aren’t here any more. That motivates me big time!!

MarieP - Well, I used the very first color combo in this post and I loved it! I posted the layout on my blog; here’s the link:

Thanks again for the color inspiration!

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