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another milestone…

a milestone that I have a hard time believing. How could it be possible that I’ve reached this age? I know I’m in good company and honestly that makes it a little less painful. But the number 50 does bother me a little. I don’t feel 50. When I look in the mirror, I do see that I’ve aged…but I think I’m sort of in denial. I’m also sort of sad to see the 40s end. They really have been the best years of my life. My 20s were tough (other than having my beautiful children), my 30s were better, but I lived some of the hardest years of my life during my 30s. I do appreciate everything that I went through and all that I learned in my 30s. My 40s have been a time of peace, with absolutely amazing things coming my way, including many really deep friendships with people who mean the world to me! I have the best family and friends in my life that even turning 50 can’t steal my joy! I am blessed beyond belief and I choose to savor my blessings.

The saga of our house continues, HOWEVER, on Saturday, I took a few hours and worked on getting things back in order…I still have a bit to finish up on, but I’m hoping to be able to share photos soon! I know I have been redundant about the ceilings and painting, so I need to shut up and show you the results!

Speaking of Saturday, Tom and I had a really great day….doing nothing unbelievably exciting, just being together. We went to Le Marche’ for a little flea market event they had (Tom didn’t actually come in, but he dropped me off to shop), I popped in to Le Quartier Bakery for a loaf of sunflower sourdough bread (which I have almost eaten single handedly in 2 days), then we went to his cigar shop and made a quick stop at the mall, and then on to a really delish lunch at Kona. I had the seared ahi on a bed of bok choy and rice with a spicy chili sauce…mmmmm. After lunch, we stopped by the Harley shop and then came home to an afternoon of household projects. I felt so good about everything I accomplished once I got into it. Saturday night, we watched the game (so sad) and I addressed Christmas cards. That felt good too. I’m a huge multi-tasker. Can’t just sit and watch tv. At the end of the day, I wanted to wrap it up and tie it with a bow! A rare nearly perfect day!

Today, I will lunch with my mom, Brooke and the littles and maybe my Aunt Mary (hoping she can meet us!), tonight Tom and I are planning on fish tacos at Gringos and in between, I will be working away! I am more than happy to still be busy with the photography business. I did my last photos before Christmas yesterday. And now, I have plenty to keep me busy through most of the winter! That’s a really good thing.

I haven’t baked, shopped, wrapped, or made a single gift. I’ve begun decorating, but have a long way to go…but I will get to it all. I am good under pressure : )

Last week, I photographed DeDe’s boys. DeDe’s family and ours go way back. I remember our parents getting together when I was really young…DeDe probably wasn’t even born yet! It was so much fun talking to her and laughing. We get each other’s warped sense of humor very well! I love to be able to joke about things that people I grew up with, get. Off the wall stuff from our growing up in a small town years. It’s the best. Spending time with DeDe and her adorable boys made my day!







hoshor-sb-web I told you they were cuties.


img_3007-web LOVE this shot! It looks like a huge canvas to me!

img_3018-grunge-web I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shot! I adore every one of their expressions and that they’re in synch. Makes me smile every time I look at it.

img_3026-web So fresh faced and cute. You have an awesome family DeDe!

Okay, I want to leave you with one of my favorite skits from SNL. So fitting for me today:

i’m 50

Now THAT makes me laugh!

God bless!

mandie - Happy birthday!

My mom turned 50 over the weekend. I won’t get to see her for a few more weeks, but I know she threw herself a big party last night! 🙂

kathy - Happy Birthday friend!! Thanks for sharing the video! I kept imagining you and Tom dancing!!! YOU ARE 50 and you look great!!!

Leonie-Australia - Happy Happy Birthday Dear Becky I hope you have a wonderful day & get to eat lots of cake!!!

tara pollard pakosta - dear becky!
I love you and happy birthday!!!
you sure don’t look, act or seem 50 my friend!!!
Lots of love to you today and EVERY day!
I really MISS YOU!

Nancy Naylor - Happy Birthday – each year is the best! Life, it is just wonderful. Sounds like you have had a full celebration ~ family, friends and food, can’t get much better.

Renae - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Becky!! And, if it helps any, I’m right behind you in the birthday numbers and am also in complete denial! I agree that my 40’s have been wonderful also (except for the crows feet and gravity pull . . . and gray hair and middle age spread). You are such a beautiful person inside and out, no matter what your age. Renae


Brenda Partusch - Hope you had a great day Becky!!

Crystal - Welcome to the 50s!! You are going to love this decade – every day life gets better. I think you ((and Tom, too) will enjoy the pace, the people you are surrounded with and your passions even more – if that’s at all possible 🙂 Happy Birthday, sweet online friend!

Jill - Happy Birthday, Becky!! Being a Sagittarius rocks, doesn’t it? I hope the next 50 are great years for you!

Gina - Happy belated birthday!! Sounds like it was great! Hope I look as fabulous as you at 50!! 😉

Jill - Becky! Happy 50th! I just had mine in September…. I find it difficult to say that I am fffffffiffffty…… BUT…. what a glorious time of my life. I have promised myself to enjoy each and every day…. recognize the many blessings I have…. one of which is the wisdom to know that 50 is wonderful. Hope your day was super spectacular. Here’s to many more!

Renae - Hoping that the next year proves that while your 40’s were great, that the next decade will be tremendous (my Pappy’s favorite word). Thanks for the comic relief, gotta love Sally O’Mally!

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