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alexis. {beckynovacekphotography} senior high school photographer. omaha nebraska.

This is a very different senior high school session post.

Our first grandchild is going to be a senior.

How is this possible? 

I am not old enough for this!

But it’s real and it’s happening.

Alexis changed our world.

She was the first and when she came into the world, it felt like the earth shifted.

Raising kids is so different than grandparenting.

It’s just free and unconditional love without the daily responsibility.

I still feel a responsibility, but it’s definitely different.

But this post isn’t about me.

It’s all about Alexis.

You can see she’s beautiful : )

But she’s so much more than that.

She is smart, funny, strong, insightful, talented and determined.

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My favorite changes daily…

God bless!


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